Sunday, November 13, 2011

Meeting the Lawyer Who Bankrupted the KKK

This is Morris Dees who founded the Southern Poverty Law Center ( 40 years ago. I've admired him and his organization for more than 25 years. Not quite over major surgery, I traded makeup time and other such vanities in order to schlep into NYC Wednesday night last week. A scary sight. My hope was just to catch a glimpse of Morris. Lucky me I found a seat 4 rows behind him. He was charming!

The son of Alabama tenant farmers, Dees, was educated during the 40s and 50s in a tiny school house. He grew up sharing his meals with the children of other tenant farmers, who included many blacks. As he grew up, Dees couldn't reconcile the institutional racism around him. It seemed to him the only thing worth doing was trying to avenge the injustices committed by extremists of all traits. For many years, AsburyRadio has had a link to the left of this blog - - which is one of the many services of SPLC.

This shot doesn't do justice to representing the packed house at the gigantic Schaffer Forum of Congregation Rodeph Sholom on W. 83rd. The balcany, barely visible in this photo was also packed. SRO
Among the moving stories we heard was the brutal murder of two police officers by extremists Joseph Kane, 16, and his father Joe. Police officer Brandon Paudert was identified by his father, Police Chief Bob Paudert. SPLC went to Arkansas to make a training film of the murders to distribute free to law enforcement across the country. To our shock Retired Chief Paudert then took the lecturn.
Paudert explained that the first time SPLC called him he made an excuse because he didn't want anything to do with the organization which he'd had pegged as a "commie outfit". Now he works with them as a volunteer. 

Asbury Park Honors Sacrifices of Armed Forces & Local Heroes

VFW members joined other veterans' organizations and elected officials to remember our war dead and honor the troops and veterans at the veterans' memorial on 5th Avenue in Sunset Park. The Asbury Park High School Band, led by Music Director Karen Schwartz, played tributes, Asbury Park's police and fire fighters stood by at attention.

Fire fighter Jason Fasio, barely visible in the long line of firemen, stood with his mates through the long cold, windy ceremony.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Memory of Those Lost on 9/11/01

September 11, 2011 - Ten Years Gone

We remember Scott, David and Dinah, my three colleagues, among the other 2,980 innocents killed 10 years ago today. All three were attending a conference atop the North Tower that morning, something we had done many, many times before.

Scott Saber, a funny and equally brilliant participant and observer of the intricacies of Wall Street trading. He loved leaking a good story to his friends in the press (you could hear his excitement bursting through the phone line), as long as they agreed to not only get all the facts, but understand them, as well as their implications, and to tell all the elements of the story -- no sound bites, the whole story, as only he who understood the industry inside and out could tell it.

David Rivers, a tall, elegant, kind, thoughtful and hugely talented writer, who infused his reports on the financial world with the same excellence of craft, integrity and dignity that he gave his own work, his beloved movie scripts. As the tireless Editor of Waters Magazine, David wrote most of the book along with his other duties for the news service. I had the honor to work with David in New York, where he lived with his beautiful wife, Ricky (the Rickster) who edited a fashion magazine, and the toddler son whose picture he flashed at the slightest provocation with a broad smile.

Dinah Webster, bubbly, blond, beautiful, highly capable. Dinah ran the conference business at Risk magazine in London when I knew her. At first you'd say how could someone so cute and adorable also be so successful in such a sharply competitive field. (Yes, sexist, I know.)  Despite the hair-raising pace of that industry, I never saw Dinah look down, or cross or ever grumble. You would have asked, "Can she really be that nice -- for real?"  Yes, she really was.
Our love and comfort to their families.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Asbury Park Homeowners Invite You to Meeting Tonight

We look forward to seeing you this Friday, September 9th at 6:30pm in

the City Council Chambers.

The Executive Members of the APHA:

Danny Weiss, President

Rita Williams, Vice-President

Lynn Tirado, Treasurer
Larry Bertorelli, Secretary

Jim McGlynn, Membership Chairperson

Upcoming Meetings Events
Save the dates! We are currently finalizing our future meetings and

events. Please mark your calendars for the dates listed below. More

detailed information will be forthcoming shortly!

Saturday, October 29th........Time TBD

Friday, November 18th..........6:30pm to 8:00pm
Friday, December 9th...........Time TBD
Don't forget to visit our website at


Please send all of your suggestions for the Asbury Park Homeowners

Association to .

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sorry No Council Report Tonight

Asbury Radio is undergoing some health issues and asks your indulgence. If anyone would like to post their observations from council or other Asbury Park meetings, please send them to me at
Hope to back and Speaking Up again soon!
Thanks for your interest in Asbury Park


Friday, August 26, 2011

Asbury Park Keeps Ahead of Hurricane Irene

The City has ordered designated streets evacuated no later than noon Saturday, which includes us.
There is a Code Red registration system for keeping informed while you're away from the city.
There are two evacuation routes designated - Sunset Avenue to Asbury Avenue and West on Asbury Ave, or Main to Corlies (rt 33), then West.
The water level on Deal Lake was lowered in anticipation of Hurricane Irene.
And the City seems to be keeping three steps ahead. Now for us to try to comply with the instructions.
Good luck, everyone!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Emergency Management Office - Asbury Park

When the recent heavy rains raised levels in Deal Lake, residents tried to call the Emergency Management Office telephone number posted on the City website: , but it just registered a constant busy signal. The desk sergeant at the police station said the number doesn't work.
Then when the earthquake hit this week, it took the city 2 1/2 hours to issue an automated call to the apprehensive residents. It's that we have this tool, but we need more information, such as which route to take if we need to evacuate or where the nearest shelters will be. So the message might say if this had been a disaster this is what you would have been told. The public needs to be comfortable and familiar with alternative arrangements. It's not enough for authorities alone to know.
Now Hurricane Irene is on the way...
Since 2006, Asbury Radio has been asking the City to tighten up its emergency management services: especially its evacuation plan. We posted the files of the City's plan in progress on Asbury Radio - it is to your left with a triangular caution sign as the symbol.
With three lakes and an ocean bordering or cutting through this 1.4 Sq mile town, we are more a peninsula than anything else. If we suddenly had to evacuate, things could turn serious in minutes if drivers load onto the same arteries. We saw how quickly we became locked into our homes when the blizzard hit last winter. We remarked at the time that had it been water instead of snow, we would've drowned. Coordination is key in such instances and the City is the best authority to perform this function. City Manager Terry Reidy is the City's Emergency Management Officer, with Fire Chief Kevin Keddy aiding.  Are we ready?
AR will be happy to post your replies and updates here.