Monday, February 10, 2020

Just Mercy - a must-see movie for anyone who thinks Grace has died along with truth in this country.

Sorry for the long string of code below. But sometimes those short urls don't work so well. And I wanted everyone to see the poster for this film - Just Mercy - which I saw with friends Friday night at the Bradley Beach Showroom theater.
There were so few people in that beautifully renovated, airy theater! I guess people are distracted by so much: the latest election campaign revelations, impeachment details, Saturday Night Massacre-style firings, the Senate hearing acquittal and Hollywood's Annual Version of the Nobles, to name just a few.
But it would be a crime to miss this movie. Here is the story of Brian Stevenson, a young black man who aces Harvard Law and sets out immediately for the South - Alabama - to work for peanuts while investigating death row cases. He takes a ton of flak, including from some of the prisoners themselves. And he gets the stuffing punched out of him. But he prevails - he spares the lives of more than 135 people facing execution and keeps on going!
I just wish our schools or churches could arrange a trip for our young people to see it and maybe get inspired, too. They need to see that there is mercy amidst all this hatred and disinterest. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself, please.

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