Thursday, November 13, 2008

Planning Board Hears Beach House Development Plans

Next Planning Board meeting Monday, Dec. 8th.
Monday November 10, 2008-Asbury Park Chamber
Asbury Partners, its attorney Alfred Faiella,and planner John Clarke, of Clarke Caton Hintz, presented lot and floor plans and artists drawings of the proposed Bradley Cove housing project to the city's Planning Board, board attorney Jack Serpico and planning consultants Hyer and Gruel. Planning Board members present: Vernice McGriff, Dan DeBenedetto, council member John Loffredo, City Manager Terry Reidy, and Rev. David Parreott. {Please see earlier reports on this construction plan on this site. Just scroll down.}
The 15-house development will occupy part of Ocean Avenue, expanded westerly onto the right-of-way of the Asbury Tower, a 26-story senior community, property, and part of the Green Acres property east of Asbury Tower. The city, as part of its Waterfront Redevelopment Agreement (WRA), is leasing the Green Acres lots, which lie between the pavilions along Ocean Avenue, to Asbury Partners for $10. a year.
The NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) granted permission in concept for development in this space, subject to amendments, in its approval of the CAFRA application file jointly by the City and the Partners. The permit #1303-03-0001.2 expires this March, 2009.
In the first two sound files the Partners' engineer, Bob Curley of CMX (formerly Shoor DePalma) identifies lot lines, street dedications and vacations, references to Tideland Claims, which also come up later, and other details, which won't be posted here. If you would like a copy of the first two recordings, please email City Engineer Bryan Grant was not present for this meeting. Homes will be sold "fee simple" not as condos.
We pick up with
Recording 3 - Pathways, distances from Asbury Tower, amount of right of way to be taken, questions by Pam Lamberton and others.

Recording 4 - Asbury Tower residents Joyce Grant and Marie Castro, and Loch Arbor resident Melanie Nowlin question. Al Faiella's voice can be heard off mic.

Recording 5 - public questions regarding nature walk to replace existing boardwalk, the State's Tidal Claim to parcels in immediate area, high mean water line. I ask if nature walk, now being called boardwalk, will sit on the sand. Curley says yes, flush with sand. Concerns are raised as to how disabled or those using aids to walk will be able to maneuver safely. Later in the lobby, Larry Fishman insisted to me that the boardwalk will be on pilings. However, it seemed that his engineer and lawyer were still debating whether the walk would have rails.
Recording 6 - Architect for Bradley Cove, Michael Hanrahan presents site plans drawn by CCH; balconies of homes will extend over city's right of ways; views - Hanrahan testifies only two living floors of AT will lose views, but photo shows three (see photo): There are six units per floor facing ocean, 4 units on 2 floors or 8 units will be affected vs. photo, in which 12 units would be affected.
Recording 7 - Description of Floor Plans of units

Recording 8 - Site Guidelines as per WRA call for three-story homes plus mezzanines.

Recording 9 - A.T. resident Roger Krouse questions height of townhouses - Ans: 37' by 38 - 39 Wide; public walk dimensions discussed, encroachment on public right of way. Ques. regarding FEMA flood guidelines - do revised FEMA rules override CAFRA permit approved in 2004?
NOTE on Photos: I've posted three shots of the rendering, which appears to me to be not in scale. But I'm no artist. The gray figure on the upper left is Asbury Tower, a 400-unit structure. The triangle to the right is the expanded version of the parking lot previously used by Tower visitors and support staff. The light gray area to the north in the photo is the fisherman's lot, which is to be paved with asphalt to create 113 parking spaces.

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