Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beach Access Champion Wins for Public Access

Not sure now if the appellate panel did support the Public Trust Doctrine completely. Read this Star-Ledger report and see what you think -

We just received the email below that beach rights activist Sophie Bubis has won her case to have the public's right to access beaches protected under the Public Trust Doctrine, a common law which has to be enforced in order to continue to protect public freedoms. We love you, Sophie!!
Sophie, a beautiful blond widow of 80+ years, has put herself into hock for the rest of us in fighting for these rights for over 10 years. Her opponent has offered to cut a separate deal with her numerous times. She always refused -- for us! If you can spare some change for Sophie's mound of legal bills, please send it to her at One Ocean Place, Loch Arbor, NJ 07711

Sophie was just notified that she won her appeal on the public trust doctrine. I don't know any details yet. She is thrilled.

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