Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Building Lobby Wakes Up to Opportunity

Call me a cynic, but Corzine's latest brainstorm to stave off foreclosures sure sounds like a gift to the property facists of this state.
Those wonderful people who delighted in eminent domain and swoon to the sound of the word "blight" have found a way to help you, well you mow down those needless homes once the banks foreclose.
But wait, first Corzine wants to funnel greenbacks to counseling agencies so they can instruct homeowners in how to talk to banks. Then he'll take the $51.4 million in federal funds to stabalize neighborhoods by putting the money into peroperty acquisition, rehabilitation, and demolition of blighted areas...
Read it for yourself in today's Asbury Park Press. Then call you representatives and scream like hell!!

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