Sunday, January 11, 2009

Asbury Park's Crane House in 'Radio Somewhere' Today

Crane House Follies: Owner, Frank D'Alessandro, as domestic diva of 19th Century England's Mrs. Isabella Beeton demonstrating how to cook a Christmas Goose, and as Julia Child returned temporarily from her kitchen on high, actor John Martello (in scarf) reading Damon Runyon and (in crown) as the Dutchess of Cornwall. And actress, Asbury Radio co-host and now playwright Maire Martello with co-host Maureen Nevin. Watch this space for more on Maire's latest play, The Lodger...

Read about Asbury Park's Stephen Crane and the Crane House, where legendary author Stephen Crane lived with his family, on Fourth Avenue. It's all on the Asbury Park Press site and newsstands today or read it right here. RadioSomewhere.pdf Didn't have room in the column for the number to call for reservations: 732-775-5682. Events are usually posted on this site, see left sidebar, or on this blog. We didn't take photos this year but to give you an idea of past programs see above.

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