Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Asbury Tower Residents Throw Book at Planning Board

Map shows Lot 220, Asbury Tower (note stairs from building), and Lot 222, the Triangle sold to Asbury Partners by the City Council for the future construction of a condo tower of 8 - 10 stories, surrounded by more townhouses. Note: economists are currently predicting the residential housing slump will not bottom out until mid-2010. Is Asbury Partners rushing to get approvals for this construction plan, before their construction permit can expire in March, in order to sell off this valuable parcel to a developer and realize some revenues since the three fast track residential sites are still not fully constructed or sold out, meaning Asbury Partners has not made the full commissions (said to be 7% at one point) on their units' sale prices?
The Triangle is believed to be encumbered by a reparian rights issue.

Despite a freezing cold night, about 20 residents of Asbury Tower, an age restricted high rise for about 400 people, turned out to the City's Planning Board meeting to object to the city's plans to grant site approval for 15 housing units to be built where Ocean Avenue is now, East of the Tower, which is itself a stone's throw from the beachfront. Asbury Partners, which plans to sell the parcel to a developer when it locates one in the future, has to move quickly with the site approval because the coastal land use permit, referred to as the CAFRA permit, issued by the state's Dept of Environmental Protection (DEP) prior to Hurricane Katrina and the issuance of new flood maps by FEMA, factors that could influence building on the coast, expires this March.
Some residents cited sections of the state's laws governing coastal development, while others addressed flood zone,"V Zone" and FEMA guidelines, which they say apply to the parcel that is bordered by ocean to the East and Deal Lake on the North. A few years ago, the village of Loch Arbor commissioned a study that yielded a map of the area showing it to be in a Category 1 flood zone, meaning the area would flood in a Category 1 storm.
The following sound files are from the major portion of the public comment segment. There is much more. The meeting ran from 7 to 10:30 PM. I will post more tomorrow night. Please turn your volume up, since there was not time to process the files through mp3 Gain software.
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