Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sharing Good Food and Company

Later we rode the train to Red Bank to see a great band, Werner recommended, called 'Midnight' playing at Walt St. Pub, right across from the station! And we met new friends Emily and Tyler on the train! What a great night!
What could be better? Especially when the friends include new and old.
Diners include from left Werner Baumgartner, exiled Asbury Park City Historian enjoying a few hours away from worrying about a hovering sentence of as much as 14 years in prison for 19 different fines, issued by the city code officer, on his own home. The violations include things like crack in sidewalk, lawn not mowed, weeds... No one gets sent to jail for that you say? He already has -- for 30 days. Werner's trying to find a lawyer skilled in municipal law. Know anyone? Next to Werner is our friend Glenn from Upstate NY, Keith, from Brick; on the right is yours truly with hat hair (sorry), Joe and Jennifer. Jennifer works on affordable housing needs. A Good Gal!

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Anonymous said...

Would you want to live next to Werner? If you can't afford to maintain your house, you shouldn't drag down everyone elses property value. Force him to sell if he can't maintain. In addition, he constant attack on A.P. progress is in complete conflict with the fact he has not paid his city taxes. As far as I'm concerned, lock him up!