Sunday, February 8, 2009

City Council Authorizes up to $15.4 Million Tax Anticipation Notes

The City Council at its Feb. 4, 2009 meeting authorized Tax Anticipation Notes of up to $15,400,000, approved the plans for affordable housing on Springwood Avenue, and a temporary change of use from a building to a parking lot at 700 Bangs Ave, a reflection of the poor real estate market. Tax aniticipation notes are short term loans that allow municipalities to meet expenses until taxes can be collected.
Note: through a technical problem only half of the public comment session was recorded.
File One - Redevelopment Dir. Don Sammet on the Bangs Ave change of use. Environmental Remediation services for scattered sites
File Two - Springwood Commons, affordable housing project: 10, 3 BR and 6, 2 BR apartments at DeWitt Avenue, ranging in price from $53,000 to $129,000 for 2 BRs, and $64,000 to $152,000 for the 3 BRs. The project includes a $14,000 subsidy per unit.
File regarding Sewer Contract Other contracts: Up to $75,000 for dumpster & disposal to Tri-State Carting (losing bidder DiLisa; Computer Maintenance/Repair up to $15,000 to sole bidder On-site Computer; Vehicle Maintenance - up to $75,000 to Ford National Auto, Ocean Twp $50/hr, vs second bidder $53/hr SeaCoast Chevrolet; Transmission Repair to Ford up to $75,000 at $50/hr vs. $75/hr at SeaCoast. Collission contract moved to next meeting.
File Three -Karpinski house move put forward, Gilmour, outdoor movies, etc.
File Four - Public Comment - Pam Lambert, Jim Henry, Joyce Stolaroff. Among those not recorded, VFW Post 333 Commander Lou Parisi offered support for the retailers on Cookman. Bill Resolutions, garbage contract awarded to Tri-State Carting.
File Five - Resolutions The sound files were edited with Digital Audio Editor. The sound quality should be greatly improved. Please let me know what you think.

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