Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 18, 2009 City of Asbury Park Council Meeting

This is a partial report on the AP City Council meeting tonight.
The balance of the report will be posted 2/19/09.
Public Portion Part 1 - Dr. Carl Lepus, Garden State Central Model Railroad, 607 8th Ave., the organization has maintained a railroad museum at the address for 36 years. The building has been sold to Meridian. Organization wants to stay. He asked that city call Frank Goldstein at 732-775-5500 or 732-643-4300 to request they stay or help org. find a new 3000 SF location. Open house this Saturday; Frank D'Alessandro in letter letter regarding City Historian Werner Baumgartner, who was jailed twice last year for housing code violations on his home and faces another court session this Friday at noon, D'Alessandro suggests selective enforcement is being used because Baumgartner critiques the City's redevelopment. [Code Officer Bill Gray addressed the council giving an extensive description of the functions of his office. Baumgartner was not discussed during his more than 45-minute talk.]
Public Portion Part 2 - James Henry compliments Gray on presentation and notes disconnect between SOP as described by Gray vs his inspectors' practices. Stephen Bishop Seely of ReVision Theater on the upcoming show, Kingdom, Jerry Scarano, ArtsCap, Rita Marano, Werner Baumgartner.

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