Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nevin Takes Run for Council

For a PDF version of my Candidate's Petition, please click here.

After 8 years, I've tried everything else to get this City to practice open government, to share its decision-making with the people it serves. No, I'm not anti-development. I'm realistic enough to understand that we need business for all to thrive. But I have seen that the business of government can be conducted in the sunshine and in doing so equally serve the needs of all.

And so I've tried everything, but participating in the government. I've decided to give this, too, a try.

The first step is to see if the people want Maureen Nevin to represent them. That answer will come in the number of signatures I can gather before March 19.

To aid that process I am posting my petition here (actually the brilliant idea of my good friend Glenn Kraeck) so that people registered to vote in AP can sign it and either mail it to me at 3 Deal Lake Court, or drop it through my mail slot. (Just click on the image to enlarge it.) If you're not registered here but have friends who are, would you mind printing out the petition for them to sign if they wish?

I'll also post my Asbury Park-relevant bio shortly.
I'd like to thank those who have already put their support behind me.

For the rest, here goes...

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