Monday, June 15, 2009

For Construction Code Employees '08 Was a Very Good Year

Two employees of the City's Construction Code Dept. enjoyed a $35/hour salary last year, at their department head's discretion, despite it being in excess of the salary ordinance for their jobs.
According to a report filed by the State-hired audit firm, Wiss & Co., the ordinance, which doesn't give an hourly rate, limits compensation for the two positions of $27,172.00. But during 2008, the two employees were paid $40,792.50 and $35,770.00 respectively.
The auditors recommended that ordinances for hourly employees contain hourly rates or modify maximum salary to conform with work load requirements.
The entire 86-page audit report, complete with photos of Asbury Park, is available from the Community Affairs Dept. web site.
Asbury Radio invites you to explore the report for what you may extract and post right here for others to read in the comment section to your right.

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