Monday, June 15, 2009

Those Ambiguous Salary Ranges

Residents have complained over the years at council meetings when salary ordinances are approved without the employee's or the job title's salary listed. Instead they typically were given a range -- such as $35,000 to $75,000 -- as the taxpayer's share of public information.
Now the State-hired auditors, Wiss & Co., seem to agree with those griping residents. "...we noted that salaries were being paid in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements and adopted ordinances. However, we noted certain employees that were not part of a collective bargaining unit, were paid in accordance with an adopted ordinance that only contained minimum and maximum salaries."
The auditors suggest the City use a "personnel action form" for every employee in "order to document their current year compensation in a manner that reflects how the amounts being paid agree with the applicable collective bargaining agreeement or adopted ordinance." It would list things like the reason for salary change, the current salary change, and components of the salary.
The auditors also recommended a procedure to "reduce the risk that a fictitious employee could be added to the City's payroll without detection."
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