Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Link to Main Street RFP

  1. Don Sammet supplied this link, which should be accessible through the web site. However, a comment left on this site implied that it may be difficult to locate. It worked for me, but please let me know if you have trouble with the link.



Anonymous said...

Let me try this again.

Where can one read the proposal (the response to the RFP) submitted by the company referred to in your article.

I was not asking where the RFP is, yes its on the City web site.

Your report is that someone actually answered it - where is the answer?

Thanks Werner

Maureen Nevin said...

Sorry for that confusion. If there is a written response to the RFP, I don't have it yet. The sole responding firm, Acre, is meeting with Don Sammet to discuss their response and Don told the council he expects to give a report on that meeting at the 8/5/09 council meeting.