Tuesday, November 24, 2009

City Loses in Appeal of Comp Case

Asbury Park has lost in its appeal to have the decision on an employee compensation complaint dismissed.
Lori Ross, a city employee in the housing and community development department, charged that the city had allowed a hostile work environment to persist causing her to suffer "compensable mental stress as a result of prolonged exposure to a hostile work environment." The hostility included a pornographic cartoon, which, according to the complaint, the late Wilbur Russell's assistant Cassandra Dickerson took responsibility for. According to the Appellate Court's written decision, Ross's charges date back to the tenure of Wilbur Russell, who died of organ cancer and was succeeded by current city manager Terry Reidy. The complaint also named assistant city manager, James Famularo, who was said to rip up the cartoon. Famularo was criticized for not taking some action to protect Ross. Famularo testified he found the cartoon, which referred to him and Ross, "Funny."
No dollar amount for compensation was included in the documents released today.

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Anonymous said...

I happen to know the lady and the suit was filed because of Terry Reidy and it certainly was not solely because of a pornographic flier. Read the court decision and it will give you a glimpse of the hostile even "poisonous" work environment that continues for Ms. Ross to this day.