Friday, November 13, 2009

Local Shopping Surprises

Asbury Radio has never dwelt on coupons or blue light specials, but hey, this is the Great Recession (how did you spell that?). Lately I've run into two great bargains too good not to pass on.
#1 - Flea Season Price Buster - Which store would you think would have the lower price on FrontLine: Petco or Yellow Roof, on Main St., in AP?
Petco, which keeps its FrontLine in a locked case, wants $57 for the 23-44 lbs Blue Box size.
Yellow Roof - Just $47 bucks! Hey $10 bucks will buy you two lunch specials at The Adriatic! (Must sit at the bar to eat.)
#2 - Sponge Mop Refills - Do leg shavers and mops have a corner on this scam or what? You buy the item and go back for a refill only to find the whole item is almost as much or cheaper than the refill.
Okay I lost it in Rite Aid, on Main St. I'm looking for a Libman sponge replacement the other night and there's the whole mop, normally $17 bucks, on sale for $9.99. The cost of the sponge replacement? $9.50. For a sponge??? Foreclosures are up 40%, fellas, and there's 7 million people looking for work, out of the 17.5% unemployed. Hello? And you want 10 bucks for a sponge to clean the floor before the mortgage company takes the place? And the replacement looks anemic next the original equipment.
Calmer now, I drove to Wegman's on #35. Not the same Libman replacement sponge as offered in Rite Aid -- this one's identical to the sponge that comes with the mop!! -- for 6 bucks! OKay. "You have restored my faith in honest merchandising," I told the manager. "Now point me toward the ice cream, please..."

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