Saturday, January 23, 2010

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We welcome your opinions.
Writers wishing to post comments must have the courage of their convictions, however. As we wrote earlier, people fearing repercussions can sign "Wernerized." Otherwise postings from anyone without the personal conviction to include their own name are not worth the attention of our readers.

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maire martello said...

Maureen: it looks like you took down the obscene messages you've been getting in your defense of Werner. Please put them back up and let the residents of Asbury Park know the kind of "anonymous" people who would like to see Werner buried alive in the penal system because he dared to speak out about the lousy redevelopment plans of the city. Pathetic. It also turns out that some of the anonymous writers are also so incredibly thin-skinned that if Werner dared to mention something negative about their precious home remodeling plans, their only way of redress is to throw him in jail. Disgusting.

To all right-thinking people: please help Werner Baumgartner. Remember, you could be next.

Maire Martello