Thursday, February 18, 2010

Historian is Freed Two Days Early

Scheduled to be released tomorrow, February 19th, Werner Baumgartner was released from the Monmouth County Correctional Institute yesterday afternoon.
Baumgartner, who was ordered to jail on January 22nd by Judge Mark Apostolou for failure to pay fines and fees amounting to over $19,000, and make repairs to his home according to a timeline set up by the court, told Asbury Radio he was called into the office at the jail and given a bus ticket.
He asked to express his gratitude for the support and consideration he has received while incarcerated. "I've got a lot to tend to," he said.


Chris Adams said...


If Werner is ever taken back to court again, please let us know, we need to be there to support him, and to see just what kind of "justice" City Hall is dispensing.

Maureen Nevin said...

I know what you mean, Chris. I think the city also realizes now that it wasn't the way to solve our problems with code compliance.