Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NJ Monthly's March Issue Noteworthy for Two Reasons

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NJ Monthly Publishes Annual Town Rankings -
Asbury Park places 561 out of 566 towns, in a survey conducted by Monmouth University.
Also in the March issue, Asbury Radio's Maureen Nevin interviews Bret Schundler, Governor Chris Christie's choice for Education Commissioner. To read my article click the link:
And, thanks to my friends for the help!


Kevin Michaels said...

Camden and Paterson rate higher than Asbury.....glad I gave up my subscription to NJ Monthly.

Seriously, my wife and I sold our home in Metuchen (#347) in November and bought in AP. Yes, there are issues with crime, blight, homelessness, and schools, but not everything can be measured on paper. We love the Boardwalk, the beach, the surf, the stores, the music, and most importantly, the community. There's a level of "cool" here in town that we love, but more than that, a community spirit that we love. We recently invited friends to visit and within days they bought in. This is a city that will continue to grow and move forward and we don't regret our decision in any way.

Maureen Nevin said...

Thanks for your comment. Just a reminder that NJ Monthly only published survey. The research was conducted by the Polling Institute at Monmouth University.