Monday, March 1, 2010

I Swore I'd Never Join Another Health Club

And I haven't, but...
I've been going to the old Women's Fitness -- now called Transformations for Women -- for the past two weeks and I'm lovin' it!!
First, what I hated about other health clubs:
  • The special gear and clothes you're expected to show up with.
  • The pressure: to start every class by the clock! I've got tons of deadlines and instructions. Who wants to stress over de-stressing?
  • Competing to look your best when you feel your worst. Let's face it we don't go there because we don't need it...
  • Too few activities. Boredom sets in real fast when all there is to do is steps and aerobics.
  • No pool!!! Or a cold one brrrrrr...

Transformations for Women, on Rt 35, in Oakhurst (Ocean Twp) has none of what I didn't like and everything I craved!! You can hang loose. And it's just us gals, which I love!

Apologies to my many gal pals who have been trying to get me to go there for years. ;-(

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Ringo said...

Congrats to you, Maureen. I prefer a women only type of exercise program. I went to Curves recently but they want you to sign a contract. If you choose not to sign, the cost per month is significantly more. Marie