Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Surprise Meeting Tonight Followed Law

If Asbury Park's City Council passes a deal crafted in secrecy with developers of the City's beachfront without residents ever seeing it or knowing what's in it, you can thank the current Sunshine Law or Public Meetings Act.
In fact, the council didn't even buy an ad to alert the public that it's holding a meeting tonight. That's because it was only obligated to notice the papers of the meeting and it did. The City sent faxes to the Asbury Park Press and The Star Ledger on March 4th, the day after the last public council meeting. The City's fax machine confirmed that the recipient got the fax. That's it - done. Oh, what, you didn't know about the meeting at 5:15 tonight. Sorry.
To learn what could be in the new redeveloper agreement check my next post.
To read more on this provision of the Sunshine Law click the link, courtesy of John Paff.
If you find this an outrage, write or call State Senator Loretta Weinberg www.lorettaweinberg.com who has an open meetings act reform bill before the Legislature.

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