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AP Extolled as NJ's Music Capitol

A Wanamassa resident, Drew Waynert, suggested Asbury Park declare itself New Jersey's Music Capitol. What do you think?
City Authorizes $11 Million in Bond Anticipation Note to run city until State funding comes through
City Manager: If State funding doesn't come through City Property Taxes will Double
City Asked to Fight Trenton's Plans to Close UEZ - Gilmour Organizes Bus Ride to Capitol
Construction Eyesores Wear Thin in Lots Along Kingsley - Loffredo asks how much longer?

AP Council Meeting April 7, 2010

Present: Council members Sue Henderson, John Loffredo, James Bruno and Mayor Ed Johnson. Absent: Kevin Sanders
Asbury Radio’s Reporter’s Notebook – Corrections, additions, clarifications welcome.
Don Sammett presentation on Pony’s stage adjustments, Curley, occupany 400-493 ended up w/ 1200 occupancy. Resolution in packets for council.
Fire Chief Keddy – fire prevention fees, tinton falls, red bank..Fire Inspector Giberson did research in / square foot of space determines fees. Multiple dwellings now $50. Non Owner occupied 1 and 2 units, multi dwellings w/ be $120?, over 20 units $200. Rates haven’t been increased at least since ’98. 389 mercantile licenses now. 420 multiple dwellings, but as review non owner occupied w/ increase dramatically. Keddy plans to have all officers trained to do inspections.
Councilmember Jimmy Bruno – Aren’t there any fireman that can be taken out to do inspections. Merchants feel intimidated when an entire company comes off truck to do inspection.
Keddy – been some resistance trying to deal w/ that now.
Bruno – but only one inspector now.
Keddy can have sworn fire fighter assigned
JB - I’m sure we have licensed inspectors at least 1 or 2 on each shift.

Tom Gilmour and City Counsel Fred Raffetto – special event fees, new applications w/ be subject to new fees. Fee for businesses who like to use beach; i.e., joga businesses, $400 not $500 as written in document.
Special Events app
Madison Marquette –
fireworks – may 30 and sept 5th, Sundays
Bond Fires every Fri at 7 pm starting Sept thru Oct.
Police and fire are ok w/ it, says Gilmour
Checkmate block party, moved location to sunset park 5/22 – ok w/ that now
Beach concert May 22, promoter said unsuccessful raising funds request chg date to Oct 22

Mayor Johnson – asked city counsel if he shd vote on checkmate since he just joined the Bd.
Trying to arrange Bus to Senate Hrg at State House, 3 pm April 12th, to fight for UEZ
Mayor – UEZ injected millions of dollars thru the Asbury Park UEZ/ had anticipated $800k in revenue jst for AP, if we had to raise from tax base can you imagine what that would mean? User fee based on 3% sales tax/ one of smartest programs the state ever came up w/…(recording paused due to lo battery)
Gilmour – number things you can do/ one is write letters, sample available, pls mail to governor and other people mkg decisions on this. Every uez dollar spent in ap has returned $5 in revenue to state. Everyone has benefited from UEZ program, attracted businesses here, able to buy fire trucks for city, which dropped the fire casualty rates for the city businesses.
City Manager Terry Reidy: Subsequent redeveloper agreement w/ not be introduced tonight, not ready; Wd’ve been signed by council tonight. [Editor’s Note: This would have meant a new redeveloper agreement with iStar Financial, which has yet to speak to residents. The City has been holding meetings to discuss the new agreement without the public even observing, as they do in workshop meetings. The city would’ve passed the agreement tonight by resolution without the public seeing the agreement, hearing the issues debated or having the chance to comment. The city is not required to explain the nature of the new agreement unless a citizen asks questions about it during his/her three minutes at the mic.]

JB- Vehicles that leave town, decals? How many?
TR – three fire and police chief shdn’t have decals, but fire chf is havg it done/ third one…
Mayor – is this for safety?
TR- think it’s more obvious, in history of city not been trad’n to have decals on chiefs cars
JB – I don’t believe that…worked here for yrs.
TR- councilman asked that it be done and chf getting it done
JB – you were asked years ago to do
Mayor – hold your comments to yourself, when you talk at mic we’ll respect you and listen
TR – construction official is reaching out to Asbury Partners/
JB - 3ft piece of cement around utility box,
TR – that’s what we’re doing, construction official seeing to it.
JB – Budget?
TR – I’m mkg a report on that
JB – can we get a copy of it?
TR – it’s in there. It’s not an official copy yet.
JB – stimulus money for cookman ave, we bonded already for it
TR – Maureen was asking about it earlier/ environmental trust money the city has rec’d a lo interest loan/ is stimulus money in that, most is zero % money, bal is 3.4% or in that range/ city had to compete for EIT money and apply for add’l $5mn grant, also stimulus money. We were 127th on list when city applied for money. Thru engineer’s efforts moved us up to 52, but gov’t stopped at 50. Frankly we should advocate for. So now we’re #2.
Jb – amount we’ll have to pay for debt service charge?
TR – w begin in 2012, w/ depend on num people paying sewer fees, downtown springw’d avenue offsets, w/ be determined …$900,000 is the gross amount.
We’re always applying for grant money, forming committee w/ library, board of ed, etc. to apply for grants/ some grants applied for that had resolutions of council behind them
JB – some of these grants forced down our throats.
TR – third vehicle w/ decal is the engineer’s.
JB – budget restructuring?
TR – Don’t have that w/ me…
SH – opportunity in media center of school/ written up in Coaster, she’s in picture, importance of census was topic. wants to congratulate school system for fulfilling what said wd do in adding Census to their curriculum. Census bureau doing march to the mailbox/ meet at 11 AM, bangs ave elementary school (Obama Elementary School) playground to march to town hall. Want to make sure we get everything we’re entitled to from state.
JL- Work began at 6:30 am, asking them to start later.
What’s status yard by Paradise?
TR – owned by Asbury partners, getting estimates to see how much w/ cost to move very heavy maybe over to where fletcher craemer’s equ’t is.
JL – more to the pt, if we mv it from there to across the st
Guess I’m getting at when is it going to be used??
TR- that’s all part of the conversation we had earlier… (executive session there was discussion re. Asbury Partners/iStar,e tc.
JM – easter parade festivities, a great and beautiful weekend, thank you to all put it together. Congratulate Councilmember Henderson on her wk on the census.
City atty Fred Raffetto – no action on any items discussed in exec session
TR – where we are in budget process re changes in Trenton
City been effective in getting state aid – when last introduced budget we were able to get spec munic aid in budget, and when apply for it it’s lengthy process, what we plan to do w/ the aid, etc. So we submitted app for spec muni aid in 09, but recently told gov changing name to transitional aid and state dev new application, not out yet. So muni w hv to aply anew for this transitional aid.
Comptra aid – stands for all muni in state rec’vee and energy aid, which is already cut by $1.2m to AP/ the other pc is the special muni aid/ State saying we shd introduce budget w/out antic any transitional or special munic aid. If we got no transi, our taxes wd double. I spend a lot of time in Trenton advocating for us and … Increased budget w/ hv a number that w/ be just phenomenal – not in a good way. May not be the number we adopt. There are new rules we hv to abide by, state figuring out new rules, and that’s where we’re at now.
Council very subdued as it recessed for break.
Public Speaks – 3 minutes, one time
Lori Ross – have questions re Rice Notices, I in particular was served by APPD re. rice notice at my home in LBranch, despite that I was at work at city hall. I never got notice at work. Called supv Hazel Samuels never called me back.
83 yr old grandfather home when APPD arrived at my door. I was not at home. Were you aware police officers were being used to serve Rice notices?
Mayor – No I was not.
LR – like TR to explain how much this costs. Don’t understand why need two police officers visit my home twice. Been loyal city employee, volunteering at West Side Com Ctr,
Mayor – I said all of us should lay ourselves down on our swords in order that thic ity better…
Rita Marano
Stone Pony – going to hv 4000 people? Why not convention hall and have 3500 people? I can hear the outside stage from my house (8th Ave). better think twice about stage being put up there. Are they going to hire our police or what? Block everything up there?
What’s $3mn for pension plan that’s in the bill resolution, sev’l things that add up to almost $4m…
TR – city’s obligation.
City makes payments to state of nj for pension plan. Employees, city and state fund. This is am’t city obligated to pay.
RM – since when don’t chiefs hv insignias on them? Always had them. Not their choice not there car.
Vernice McGriff – 2nd ave – mentioned hvg a budget comm.., tried hvg one last yr and suggested hav one this yr to keep people informed. Possible if small and qualified com we cd hv some feedback, finances key in everyone’s mind. Understand you’re workg w/ some of grops causing my taxes to go up. Bd of ed…
TR – yes
VMcG - we’re in crunches now and maybe shd do. Nuisance ord can u explain it.
Drugs on rampage again. Do we call police or prosecutor’s office. Chief Kinmon says call police we hv our own drug unit. We wk w/ pros office every day. Tip line – new # don’t have it now, will get it to you.
Tim McCorey – dir of cap projects for housing alliance on Ave A – windows in houses this week, doing everything we can to provide hsg for community, met w/ NAACP yesterday, doing everything we can to mk successful project.
Frank Syphax….- Sister is Lori Ross, few yrs ago started West Side Citizens United, for miss ross to be discriminated against, she has always been on th front lines, block party, valentin’s party for seniors, spring clean up/ community meant springwood ave / everyone was buying something, waterfront seems to be where all attention was going. Now w/ redev on west side/ are you going to hv people wkg together on that like waterfront. Want u all to reconsider things. Ms Samuels is gone, but she’s the bedrock of our community.
Angie Sugru – mvg bk to AP/ spek on behalf of the musicians, which is respons for much of the improvement in community. When hv events dollars get spent over and over again, important to support, not allow run rampant, esidents need for quiet shd be respected also.
Denise Richardson – Ridge Ave, piggy back on Mr. Syfax, blk party very successful event, Valentines Party for seniors, all that and WSCC all been Lori Ross, events won’t be as successful as they have been. How many employees do we hv in AP who don’t live here? When u consider layoffs I’m standing in support of lori ross, it hurts me, trying to pull more people in to stop the crap going on on West Side. We’re talking about doing newsletter so people on other side of tracks know what’s going on and to let people know what’s going on at WSCC.
John Mohammad – Nation of Islam, part of Ministerial Alliance - after young man, Mr. Laws, was murdered in AP, another shooting last night, jst had conversation, asked them what can be done / we need help w/ the big elephant on the table, which is young black and Hispanic men no job and useless to themselves right now. Trying to be creative and think outside the box. If I had a dime for every one who said cdn’t get job because have a record. What can we do for citizens of Asbury to help young citizens of Asbury work. Started Cease Fire movement, wkg w/ chief. We want to call their bluff, say hey come w/ me.
Mayor – job fair in March, in long branch saw men hired on spot.
Next is in Neptune, talking to leaders about that event. Are jobs / happy to sit down and talk about this in terms of action steps.
Dwayne Small – Mattison Ave., when we spk to these young brothers, hv nothing to do. Like lady says drugs on move again. They gotta eat. Need everybody comes together. Fast and pray nothing happens to no one in here walking down street and getting a stray bullet. I don’t have nothing to offer them. Let’s do this for the betterment of this community. If we don’t AP w/ be known as the good side and the bad side. Used to be Easter was time to dress up. Brothers I see in t shirts and pants hanging down. Have to do something about corner stores. They’re hot bed of criminal activities.
Jerry Scarano – need system to encourage them to keep trying.
JL- had working papers when I was 14 yrs old, paid my way thru college. This problem we’re hearing about. We came into office 8 yrs ago…Tried many things, Asbury Works, training sessions. But the economy is bad. In Mon Cty alone 27,000 people out of work, 7,000 in foreclosure, not counting buy backs, short sales. Think it is up to AP to give training where we can and help when we can been extremely proactive. For every dollar spent on East side $2 spent on West Side, that’s city money. And we will do all we can. Thanks for coming.

Payroll for period from March 16 to 31st $1,271,470.28
Payment to bd of ed $5,641,035.17

Applications – Big Brothers Raffle license/ also for red cross – all yes
Work session – applications / Mayor recusing self on Checkmate – rest approved
Mon cty - $86k grant program for springwood ave open space grant acquisition
Stone Pony – reconstruction of stage, referring Planning Bd for app’l – all yes
Beach fees – all yes
Resolution for State to Continue funding UEZ program – all yes
Tax antic note $11mn 2.67% interest - TR – sold by city to pay our bills until we get money from the state, good news this yr in 2009 city paid 5% on note, this yr add’l sale brought in at 2.67% /

Ordinance transferring prop Ave A to Monmouth Hsg Alliance… no one commented on it.
Second Ordiance tonight– police regulations, health, nuisance ordinance…
Judy Yackarino – Lbranch – asked noise ordinance
FR – ordinance on table right now arose from Brick Wall site of complaints about noise raised issue of how best to handle noise in mixed use areas. Prior ordinance has spec decibel level, which brings it inline w/ DEP’s guidelines. But max decibel level readings wd put these businesses out of business, so we lked at other remedies, a nuisance code deals w/ decibel standards but police have more discretion to judge the situation. This prohibits excessive noise, sets forth prohibitions on certain things like horns, bullhorns, which can become a nuisance to others. Give code and health and police officials right to enforce as well as individuals to file complaints. Delicate bal between those who run businesses and those who live above these venues. Can always revert and return to decibel standards. w/ be municipal layer and the DEP layer the county w/ enforce.
JY- ocean twp nj – my family owned entertainment facility, what effect w/ ord hv on young black and Hispanic males who want to sing/ if u pass this w/ it mean never be an upstage lounge again?

Gina Buono – 710 Cookman Av – first time able to read ordinance, forgive if not up to snuff on all details. May be too discretionary on some latitudes. Lot of freedom to people to enforce based on own discretion/ prefer more objective than subjective. Is there a reason why we need …
JL – if we don’t only other way is go by county, which is too strict a limit/ can’t evenr sing on sidewalk w/out this thing going off.
GB- it’s a noisy city, but I moved in there w/ the knowledge of that. But want a way to avoid people arguing and bickering. Should be understanding of businesses but also to the artists. Talking about the mixed uses of the city…I was encouraged to move into Cookman Ave because I’m an artist, enjoy playing music. Very small number now who object. Afraid nuisance ordinance w/ only start more fights among neighbors and not resolve.
TR – yu asked about higher decibel level we started back w/ that. We tk readings in different places – cookman ave, by pony, by train station/ We were amazed how many noises in this delightfully noisy city were over the limit. Something rigid is not the answer for Asbury Park something that understand the culture of what we are. Ord is not to shut things down but allow us to live together. This is not an ord that (dictates) but allows / u can’t legislate people living together. Give us a chance to work it out.
GB- one of things concerned aobut is the pin drop situation, or is the squeaky wheel going to get the attention. Easiest way to rid selves of problem. When is the cut off time? She went for mediation and ended up w/ 11 pm cut off for playing maybe three times a month. Now she doesn’t play at all.
Carl Chesna – 601 Mattison – happened w/ michelle in Be Gallery when they wanted their space back upstairs. I play acoustic guitar, if I see someone walking baby down street, I’m not going to start up my motorcycle. I lost a gig at Rafferty’s because of one guy. My acoustic guitar is very mellow with a chello and… it’s not hvy metal. But still lost the job which paid for my cell phone.
Ellen Berman – woodbridge, nj – no one hates noise more than I do when someone is talking by my video taping. There is no timeframe for when entertainment becomes noise?
FR – think that wd bring us into that area of how much noise you can make..and the decibel standards.
EB – I’m actually a potential investor in ap. I need to understand that I’m going to be able to run a business. I used to go to NYC – I go to Asbury now. I go to Cookman because of Wave gathering… Costs $18 to go to Brooklyn, both are 45 mins from my home. I come here. Understand times need to shut out the world sometimes. People come here to be a part of the history. We need an historical society to preserve the music. They think they’ve made it. Hate to see u make decisions based on a few people that will affect your legacy. Rock n Roll Hall of Fame closed its Manhattan Annex, might be possibility for opening one here.
Leah Montano –Norwood Ave, Long Branch – I wdn’t be standing here south of the Raritan Bridge if it weren’t for the music down here. AP has diverse background, mixed races at Upstage always. Incredible opportunity. Guy in Rome speaking Italian to his kids in Stone Pony t-shirt; guy in Denmark, where she visits frequently, Bruce Springsteen played with me. Asbury Park is like no other place on earth. Need to make the noise that brings the people in. Go to this Rafferty’s because I may hear some music.
Drew Waynert – Wanamassa – moved to area because of venues like the stone pony. Back in my day I thought it was big venues, following bands around. When I decided to ck out smaller venues, I started working at the Saint. It’s known cookman is the downtown business district w/ mixed use. I produce over 50 shows a yr in ap alone. Town hs lost revenue/ Old Man Rafferty lost $16k a month because people stopped going to hear music. Thnk mixed use zone shd be there. Support Live Music in AP on internet. NB lost several venues/ almost closed Court Tavern. Shd hv Mayor declare AP NJ’s music capital
Mayor – So declared (He brings down gavel)
Mayor – this isn’t a question of music it’s about noise too much. It is subjective, but allows both sides to voice opinions. Been in restaurants w/ beautiful music and those where you can’t even speak because your glass is vibrating off the table. When it’s a hot day in August, but if it’s 10 o’clock in dead of winter then you might say hey, let’s have some quiet. So I think that’s what this ordinance is going to do.
JL – recalls when there wasn’t enough going on and businesses were complaining go tto get some attractions going. Don’t want to be too restrictive but don’t want to discourage anyone from living down there either. Are moving toward sound proofing (applause).
JB – what does it take for someone to get a summons?
TR – one call. If police come and consider outrageous give summons. But that’s not the history of our police dept. Officer has discretion to issue summons. But always lk to be reasonable.
All yes on vote to pass nuisance ordinance.
End of Asbury Radio’s Reporter’s Notebook for April 7, 2010 – Corrections, additions, clarifications welcome. Write

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