Friday, April 30, 2010

Carl Chesna's Unhappy Birthday was Anything But

What a great vibe last night at The Harrison, where friends of musician, songwriter, singer and realtor, Carl Chesna, gathered to wish him a happy 42nd and enjoy his music.
Carl was joined on stage by Andrea, a singer he appeared with on Asbury Radio several years ago. (It's gone by very fast!) And last night was my first exposure to the wonderful violinist who has joined Carl Chesna & Co. (I'm sorry I don't recall her name, but would be glad to add if someone can send it.)
Carl played some goldies from his first CD, like You're Gonna Shine and my favorite, New Orleans, as well as cuts from his new CD that showcases Carl's mastery for intelligent worth-listening-to lyrics.
We were heartened by guests who recalled some great radio moments with us.
The Harrison seems to be shaping up as one of those neighborhood clubs where Asbury Regulars mix, regardless of political, social or other differences, in a warm atmosphere, where one hops from one group to another catching up on news and chatter -- and the drink prices don't send you off to a loan shark. Nice. Last night, except for the low drink prices, was like being back at JAugust Cafe, in New Brunswick, circa 1980s. Woe... wayback machine...

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