Friday, April 2, 2010

Joe Woerner Throws Hat in Ring for AP School Board

Member of Asbury Park's Sustainability Committee, Joe Woerner, seen frequently at AP Council meetings where he offers reasonable suggestions usually kind to the environment, has launched his campaign for Asbury Park school board member, in the April 20 elections.
A school teacher by trade, Joe shared a few minutes with Asbury Radio during his Meet and Greet last night at Langosta Lounge. (Joe's friends, family and his friend, Amy's family, were on hand to meet potential voters. That's a pretty good sign.) Listen to Joe here and watch this site for updates on Joe's other appearances, as well as those of the other candidates.

Asbury Radio has a tradition of offering air time, now cyber space, to candidates. Please pass the word to the other 9 candidates running in this election. Have them email me at

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