Friday, April 16, 2010

Little League Sends 2 to Baseball Camp Thanks to Crane House

Thank You!

On behalf of the Asbury Park Little League and the kids who love to play baseball, I want to thank Frank D'Alessandro, Tom Hayes, and Richard Virgilio for their efforts to obtain the $700 donation from the "Ghost Hunters" program. For the past few years, the APLL has had a summer camp program whereby we have sent approximately 21 kids per year to baseball camp in the hills of Pennsylvania. This program has been tremendously successful and gives the kids the opportunity to not only sharpen their baseball skills, but it also gives them the opportunity to attend an overnight camp in an environment that is quite different than here in Asbury Park. This $700 donation is enough to pay for the camp fee and transportation for two of our Little Leaguers!

Over the years, the Stephen Crane House and New Jersey Natural Gas have been absolutely tremendous in their support of the Asbury Park Little League. Although the managers, coaches and board of directors of the APLL give the league direction and help the kids learn the great game of baseball, we cannot do it without the tremendous financial support that is provided by many individual and corporate citizens throughout the country. We thank all those who support the APLL and who share our vision of providing a viable baseball program for the young people of our community.

On a different note, I also want to thank Frank D'Alessandro and the Stephen Crane house for helping to meet the cultural needs of our community. Our city would be much less without your great work in providing the cultural food that every city needs to flourish. Thank you!

Danny McKee
Asbury Park Little League

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