Thursday, April 8, 2010

Michael Brim, Democratic Chair for AP, Dies

Mayor Ed Johnson asked attendees at last night's council meeting to keep Michael Brim in their thoughts during the silent prayer, as he was extremely ill. Just now the Mayor announced "a very sad day for Asbury Park."
Brim was the volunteer head of the Urban Economic Zone and Chair of the city's Democratic Party. Incredibly loyal and committed to anything he saw as vital to Asbury Park's recovery, Brim was a tireless volunteer always in attendance at city events.
"Michael Brim was a great friend who dedicated himself to helping the Asbury Park Community grow and remain open & welcoming to everyone! His commitment to being involved as a positive force for change will be remembered for all times. I was proud to be his friend!" wrote Johnson, who signed the message simply, "Ed Johnson, 1600 Third Avenue."

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