Thursday, July 8, 2010

AP Council Meeting July 7, 2010

Due to other commitments, Asbury Radio did not cover last night's council meeting. If anyone did attend and has notes, please send on and I will post them here under your name as the Guest Reporter's Notebook.

Among the issues I would have listened for is news on the dead fish of Deal Lake. Eye witnesses said hundreds of dead fish, eels and crabs were hauled out of the lake and trucked away during the 4th of July weekend. Since Councilperson Susan Henderson sits on the Deal Lake Commission, I hoped to hear a report from her.
Also, news on the State's decision regarding its annual aid to Asbury Park, in light of City Manager Terry Reidy's past statements regarding our budget deficit.
Bradley Cove and the city's Waterfront Redevelopment Agreement with Asbury Partners/ISTAR were both listed on the Executive or private Session, as was Capital One/Metro Homes Site; all three are of vital importance  to the city. Metro Homes of course was building the Esperanza condo complex, which has been on hold for a few years now.
Looking for Topless News? According to NY news programs, our city attorney advised the council that by statute topless women would be a violation of the indecent exposure laws. So it never was a local matter. The council apparently dropped the issue.

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