Sunday, July 11, 2010

ReVision's "Tommy" is Steamy Hot!!

Maureen Nevin on Revision Theatre's Production of Tommy at the copper-roofed Carousel House in Asbury Park:

Tommy was searing!! All the vitriol Tommy (played by first Jack and Andrew Newsome and later Marshal Kennedy Carolan) couldn't articulate in the first half, Cousin Kevin (played to perfection by William J. Lewis) took and electrified the stage with until Carolan found his voice in the second half of the show. Then he pumped the tempo even higher, exploding (from that lovely six-pack torso) with all the passionate rage smoldering and building until then. Great acting and direction.
The set: look up and you tell me. A rotting vestage of childhood lost? Tom, did you find that in the Carousel House? Great job all around!

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