Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two More Dates to See Ocean Mile!!

Only two more dates - Saturday July 31 and Sunday Aug. 1 - to see Ocean Mile, at Chico's House of Jazz.
At Chico's we're doing Ocean Mile theater as a relaxing respite not another obligation to race to. In the great tradition of that music form, we want people to ease into this cool jazz lounge, settle back and review the menu, order a cool drink, a bite to eat, whatever the palate desires. Then the lights dim - It's Show Time, aaaah. Doors open at 3 PM.
Check out our first review: Writing a Play like Maureen Nevin's Ocean Mile: Now in Asbury Park -
Newark Writing Examiner

I only know one Maureen Nevin, a determined person who has the guts to speak her mind. All the time. It's kind of daunting to be so in the know of politics, to follow your town's local officials' records, to know who's corrupt and who's not. But to write a two-act p...

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