Monday, January 3, 2011

You Did It!!! Charity Raises $11,000 over New Year's Weekend!!!

The Troppoli Family would like to express our gratitude to you and all of our friends in Asbury Park for their good wishes and donations to Tim's video game marathon this New Year's weekend. Tim and his stalwart band of gamers were able to raise over $11,000.00 for Free the Children, a Canadian charity which builds schools in developing countries.
Tim asks his audience to vote on which country will receive the school-this time they selected Haiti. Tim has raised enough money to build three schools (in Kenya, Ecuador and Sierra Leone) during previous marathons. The donations received will be enough provide a one room schoolhouse, basic supplies and furnishings and a school lunch program. Members of the community contribute by providing labor to build the school.
If you missed the marathon, but would still like to contribute, donations can be made through PayPal at his web site through January 31, 2011 ( These donations will be used to provide additional supplies and furnishings for the school. All donations over $10.00 are fully tax deductable.
Thanks for your support and good wishes, and a healthy, happy and serene New Year to all!

Ron, Donna and Tim Troppoli

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