Friday, February 4, 2011

City Issues Resolutions for Waterfront Advisory Board & RFQ to Developers

Click to read the Resolution Directing the City to Issue Request For Qualifications (RFQ) for Waterfront Developers
Click to read the Resolution Creating Waterfront Advisory Board
   Note: We ran into Mayor Johnson last night, who explained that the board will have no legal weight, but its advice will direct the process similarly to the role played by the Citizens Advisory Board in the development of Springwood Avenue's Redevelopment Plan.
We asked why a councilmember will chair and another will sit on the board, if its mandate is to advise the council. The Mayor said that he personally sat on the Springwood Avenue Board and felt that was useful in keeping the governing body informed. We suggested that a liaison might be appointed to keep the governing body informed. Also, the Director of Redevelopment and City Planner, Don Sammet, is included in the list of participants, and could suffice for two members of the council. 
The Mayor seemed open to public input on details such as these, and the big one: whether the board should be sworn to secrecy during the process.
Let Mayor Johnson know your thoughts:

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