Monday, March 21, 2011

City Has its Own 'Concept' of a New Waterfront Redevelopment Plan

From AsburyRadio - March 21, 2011
The dozen plus members of a new Waterfront Redevelopment Advisory Board, formed to let stakeholders representing all concerned factions direct how the City's WR plan should be amended, apparently will have a roadmap of sorts to work from when it meets for the first time this Wednesday night, March 23rd.

In August the City's Waterfront Redevelopment Subcommittee, made up of councilmembers Kevin Sanders and James Bruno, city manager Terrence Reidy, and the three of the City's attorneys, completed a 47-page 'Concepts' report prepared by Don Sammet, the City's Director of Planning and Redevelopment with the aid of Barbara VanWagner, the City's Zoning Officer, listed in the report as an assistant planner to Sammet. The "Waterfront Redevelopment Plan City Concepts" report (below) was presented with other court papers as part of the City's unsuccessful February 18th efforts to regain its redevelopment rights to the waterfront from Asbury Partners' successor iStar Financial of New York. 

The public committee or board, it's been referred to various ways, is comprised of volunteers made up of more than a dozen residents, business owners, Thomas H. Neff , a representative of the State's Dept. of Community Affairs, which aids the City's redevelopment through its Div. of Local Government Services and the City's debt through the Dept's Local Finance Board, North Beach and Wesley Grove communities, iStar/Asbury Partners, city employees, elected officials and city boards (see below). Click here to view the 'Concepts' report.

[[[From Asbury Radio's Reporter's Notebook- March 2, 2011 Council Meeting: names for Redeveloopment Board- representing council: SHenderson and J Loffredo, representing developers/rights holders: Asbury Partners/iStar Financial, Madison Marquette, Madison Asbury Retail llc, Terry Reidy, Don Sammett, redevelopment director and planner for City, James Henry representing the Sustainability committee (Henry has been replaced by Thomas H. Neff of Local Gov't Services), Dan DiBennedetto, representing the Planning Board/Volunteers from residents: Tony Perillo, Dan Scianameo, Joanne Mazur resident of Asbury Tower, Denise Richardson one of two at-large members, restauranteurs Marilyn Schlossbach and Russell Lewis. 15 spots, at least 45 applied.]]]

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wernerapnj said...

Several corrections - It is a Committee, not a board... The membership is 16 members minimum... and Shouldn't meeting be open to public observation under the Open Public Meetings Act.. .....

BTW a list of all attendees should be made available to the public... I suspect there were non- members in attendance in spite of the public being excluded.