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City Passes Temporary Budget Awaits Transitional Aid Number

City of Asbury Park Council Mtg March 16, 2011
Welcome to Asbury Radio's Reporter's Notebook

Swan Boats Return to Wesley Lake
Asbury Park Considers Exceeding 2% Cap

Tentative Budget Prior to State Aid Requires 101% Tax Rise
Reidy Vows Transitional Aid Will Lower Need to Hike Taxes
But  Cap Rise Above State Mandated 2% Still On Table
Councilmembers Kevin Sanders, Sue Henderson, Deputy Mayor John Loffredo, Mayor Ed Johnson, – Councilmember James Bruno absent – Deputy Clerk Kiki Tomek for Clerk Steve Kay



Don Sammet, Director of Redevelopment and Planning - \resolution 2011 menu items:

Confirming items you wanted and last min suggestion/ repair of ramp leads up to bdwk at 6th, construction of roll mats at each access for wheelchrs/ message boards, w/ come bk to. Jst com out of engineering install of railing at new ramp eastern side of boardwalk, estimates $10k to 15k$ between 6th and 7th, closer to Asbury Tower/

For record Madison marquette’s objections/ not quality as capital improvement/

Ej – what’s concern

DS – mobile sign is not a capital project/ cd be placed elsewhere not in WRA/ cd be used for traffic / think it’s realistice that if emerg elsewhere in city cd be moved for that.

Other item/ heads up for u at this pt/ cls to summer season, need redopt bdwk vending ord sunset on it/ needs to be app’d again/

Ej – how do we enforce this/ vending on the bdwlk/ we hv musicians, guitar cases set up/ blanket jewelry, we have (inaudible) don’t wnt to chase people away/

DS- req’d to get vending permit fr city clk or don’t belong out there/ imagine As Prtners has right to vending permits on bdwlk / imagine Partners play a strong role, they’ll probably go after anyone not allowed out there/

EJ – something about bkstage pass

DS – analogy to a fishing license/ when buy hv to provide own sleeve for display

Will bring up next mtg

Fred Raffetto – first item/ pedal boats on Wesley lake/ city sought RFPs, oper concession on lake/ not nec on competitive bidding basis, but contractor best suited, one bidder, AP pedal boats out of Toms River/ $600 a yr with future options to share revenue. 2 people ½ hr $18/ 3 persons $20, 4 persons $22/ staff 2 – 3 wkrs at all time size of boats 8' x 5'/ 6 to 8 boats, 3 person capacity/ letters of recommendation Linda Occhipintic and Joseph Gambarony, of Toms River, 732-684-2944 …principals of business/ mtg in Neptune already held/ they've made substantial capital outlay:
Avail mid to late may, boats run thru October

Council - Perhaps offer discounts for AP kids grps/ senior discount??

SH – lk forward to swans…

Kevin Sanders – senior citizen and chilren’s group discount amenable to?

Boat people – yes

James Famularo –

Championship …inaudible…state playoffs in basketball/ Dayton h.s. Springfield NJ / tonite we play Plfld HS in Toms River/ we see results on court, support we give…

FR – alcohol license fee increase He passes out info to council and CM Terry Reidy/ old code was outdated/ two types consumptiona dn distribution/ consumption $239/ Dis $739 – lst incrs 2008/ 250 is min/ 20% incrs wd be 448., wd go above $2500 cap. Dist can go up 358 more / cd go over $2k/ ??? Rapid fire speech…

EJ – do we need to take it…

FR – policy decision/

EJ – thnk shd be a rise but not go to max/ times are hard everyone struggling

FR – june deadline when they come due. Wd req to mtgs to pass ordinance

Gen’l mercantile license, construction dept req identification from mercantile / form not in accordance w/ code/ hardship to businesses/ shd throw out ord if you’re in agreement, for upgrade

Garrett Giberson – beach closing schedules / GG is passing them out to council and CM/

GG is retired head of DPW. He is now in chg of beach responsibilities. Beach clothing, closing schedule/ weather permitting…fee increases for beach badges, recommending $1, now $5, weekends wd be $6/ other communities are listed on handouts. We’re still w/in the low fees. Look at Allenhurst, Belmar, deal/ fees all over/ increase $5 to $20 and $65 to…inaudible

EJ – anything we can do for AP…raise wd be for non AP residents/ if wanted to hold at $65 for residents

FR – think there’s been problems in past where it’s been done/

GG – commenting…inaudible…

EJ – is winter sale over?

GG – Easter, actually first wk of May, something about 2nd Ave bdwlk…inaudible

New amenities, storage lockers, 9 units $2k, if rent $150 a wk/ $3500 profit…inaudible…can bring chr down…lock it/ respons for own lock…patterned on Belmar gets $75?

JL – where is town of Love Ladies?

TR – Ocean County, fiff parts of Long Beach Island sprinkled…

GG – something about a badge u can change for another badge? $1200…????...promote APk…specific code on it…can’t hear

EJ – hv we inquired other towns…inaudible

GG – inaudible…we hv super beach…

Tom Gilmour – commerce dir. Some exchanges with council inaudible

EJ - Special events fundraiser, relief effort for Japan who suffered terrible tragedy over past days and weeks, compares to our snow how we felt/ earthquake, tsumani and now meltdown threat/ fam and frinds Monmouth county/ help we can provide our friends and neighbors.

TG – Taka Rest spec march 27th event in planning stages, clos mattison bet bond and emory, erect tent, serve food noon to 6, lite fair, all money go toward relief effort, plus donations. Teamed up w/ red cross and w/ be others partnering/ he reads from taka statement, bamboo tree…ask everyone who comes fill out tags and put on tree/ trad’ly japan do same and send bk to us/ ask permission to cls st…app’l keep garage open/

EJ – express concerns w/ Taka other day, he shared that individuals in community first to reach out were from Haitian community/ members of our Haitian comm. still rebldgin suffering to reach outside themselves to our jap friends, allies and neighbors is jst tremendous.

Chief Kinmon – handicapped pkg space 1507 ? Street, at intersection Bangs and Dewitt

EJ – about 12 children from the Boys n Girls Club – he call sthem up to dais/ to introduce themselves / ej reads from proclamation: 25 B & G’s clubs in NJ/ March 20 – 26 Bys and Girls Club week in city of Asbury Park. Hope all citizens w/ join us in honoring and supporting our young people

Matters from Council

SH – soon sign on main st w/ say dog licensing, free rabies clinic at Fire house/ be remiss if didn’t congratulate Wesley lake comm. for dredging lake/ import roles by Neptune and AP, espec PWs, 50 yrs of silt, put in Neptune/ mosquito comm.. Vicki Thompson corrodianted, peter Avakian engineer/ tee lesinski, kerry butch, garrett giberson, James Henry…got done quickly/ lake much cleaner, and very happy swan boats w/ be on there now/ priviledged to attend ribbon cutting at Smithsonian event/ frank d’alessandro asked her to announce…ever since brian grant been in city hall and espec dpw we appreciate all he’s done pleasure to wk w/ pwks  The full text from D'Alessandro: 
March 14, 2011

Mr. Brian Grant, City Engineer
and Supervisor of the Dept. Of Public Works,
City of Asbury Park
Dear Mr. Grant:

On behalf of the trustees of the Asbury Park Public Library and Mr. Robert Stewart, our Library Director, I want to thank you sincerely for the excellent and expert help that you and your staff have provided to us in assisting us in preparing for the Smithsonian music exhibit. Your help with the access ramp and various other projects has been invaluable. Patty, our own “secret weapon” when it comes to maintaining our beautiful and historic 130 year old building, has let us know about the assistance you and your staff have provided. Patty has been tireless in her Herculean efforts over the years, and I know she as well as the Library Director and all of our staff members are grateful to you. Your support and that of the Mayor have been very gratifying to us in these difficult times. Thank you, again!
Frank D'Alessandro,
for the Trustees

EJ – open house in council chambers March 24 – 5 – 7 pmFair Housing

AP fishing club, james bruno’s efforts to help and showcase AP, more names to be recognized, more than 100 members of club volunteered their time/ $3000 to 4th of july parade, $200 pop warner/ $200 AP fire Dept for Jason Fazio ( there are other monetary awards not listed here) see Smithsonian event at AP Library/ Sunday evening event was great as well, mk sure you see it/ every vein of musicical grps/ remember to buy beach badges

FR – fr executive session – or auth city council enter into agreement with financial grp ABB …re Griffin Bldg, Griffin’s Financial Modification Agreement



Vernice McGriff –

Considering going above tax cap? I’ve a prob if we’re putting it on the bd of ed/

TR – explain that this yr for first time gov Christie new mech 1/ a 2% cap on al lmuni budgets/ if muni wnts to exceed hav to hold referendum vote up or down whether to exceed/ state said it wd be on same day as bd of ed/

VmcG – problem w/ that I wk the board/ we hv lowest turnout for bd of ed/ not representative of the tax paying public. Not saying don’t do it, but if do not on this voting day/

TR – if council decidees to do the only day we can is on that date/

Kerry turner – Madison Marquette / beach badges, spec the lockers/ how esthetics and placement w/ be done/ wnt put on record some concern, what lk like, people dining/ the view, etc/

TR – at least prelim design addressed that very issue/ no one wants something impede anyone’s views. Suggestion was wd be below that line

Mollar – professional magician – trying to talk to anyone to re. licensing to be done/ he’s a busker/

EJ – imagine jst like other performers

MM – I was told you’d never require permit to perform on bdwlk

Police gave me a ticket for panhandling/ I perform my show w/ hat and tip bucket/ do my whole show for kerry turner and she was very pleased/

EJ – why can’t this gentlman get an ans.

TR – this wd fall w/in city and Madison Marquette/ don sammet must have something on this/

EJ – pls lv name and phone number

TR – and if u cd mk the deficit go away

MM – I’m a magician not a miracle worker

Rita marano – 8th av

Terry asked you for number we spent on lawsuit, 6 attys.

TR – asked before and told there are two/

RM – I can name them, Fred, Shapeiro, Aaron…someone else.

TR – we don’t hv the bills in yet

FR – I can say I didn’t charge for my time. I was there to observe the proceedings but didn’t charge the city.

RM – wording for the ballot, how get ready

TR - Transitional aid applic to DCA today in Trenton, still some concerns in filling out, but language is provided by state for the referendum. So that’s std.

RM – Howell, Wall, Spring Lake, Bradley Beach not doing it and I think we shd follow our neighbors and not exceed the cap.

Todd Bergman – 4th Ave/ traffic lites on Kingsley Ave/ Jersey Shore Mission is a done deal/ forced on us/ wd like city to make arrangements for people after the 7 days are up for how they’re going to be treated/ can we require anyone who provides over night and ord to provide some kind of daytime program so they won’t be forced to be on the street during the day.

How can we allow anybody to be on the street w/ no access to water or sanitary services.

FR – we can only address future…not mission since already been thru app’l process, so can’t put those regs on them.

TB – broadly applied not spec to mission ordinance to my mind

FR – Given fact appr’l thru ZBA, nothing we can do to regulate them. I know nothing to internal operations. But to hv people out on street 11 hrs, no plc to get warm.

Werner Baumgartner – 402 5th Ave/ recent press status of redev statute prompted me to attend/ I’ve seen 6 councils come and go and ½ doz city mgrs, 4 redev plans come and gone and all failed/ seems to hav missed in process is supposed tolearn from experience/ I’ve attended meetings, acquired wealth of knowledge about what has and hasn’t wked; yet city hasn’t any interest in letting me share my knowledge of this City of historic theory, my engineering backgrd, so I stand before you again, somewhat humbled by the treatment I've been given in the past  offer my servcs again to the council/[Baumgartner was the victim of an anonymous 911 call that there was a dead body in his basement. Police and fire officials responded and gained access to his house due to the call. Baumgartner ended up with numerous home maintenance code violations, which eventually ended up with court ordered incarcerations of weeks and over a month in another sentencing - all pertaining to the maintenance of his own home.] I don’t know anyone else who was certified by state to be this city's historian/ Here he listed other qualifications. He ended by explaining that  his love for the City was the only reason that he's offering again his expertise.

Pedal boats - concerned about that strip of Wesley Lake gravel/ don’g see how can happen w/ out paving or sidewalk/

Placque Arthur Pryor – 3 x 4 foot bronze placque put there by the public and it’s vanished, wd like to see it retrieved and replaced there as part of Smithsonian event/

EJ – thank you next pls. [Asbury Radio interview Mayor Johnson later for his reactions to Baumgartner's offer. "It's something to seriously consider," said Johnson. "I'm certainly going to think about it. I was UEZ chair when we sent him on those seminars, making him an official representative to the conferences. And he sat on the UEZ facade committee," he added. "Will we reinstitute him as city historian? Probably not," said Johnson, who alluded to personality conflicts. "Alwas agree that Werner can have some very valuable information - sometimes it's on base, other times off base. To me it's always about the best ideas. If I can have that  -- if we can that's even better." AR asked why he cut off Baumgartner without the customary follow through, for example please call or let's have a meeting that other offers of help elicit, to which Johnson said he considered himself very "even handed", especially compared to others' treatment of Baumgartner in previous years. ]    

Jerry Scarano – Waterpark – wd like to keep place repaired, security cameras on property, when gone over there water was running 8 or 9 clock at night/ Wake of what happened in Japan need to make clr about evacuation routes.
I asked for a list of who is getting health benefits or compensation for not taking them. Pls explain the OPRA laws for us.
FR: Open Public Records Act - a gov't or Pub entity when req’d mst supply docs w/in 7 days/ with exceptions -- pension, personnel, atty client records, all set forth in state law/

JS – ok I put in a request/ can u tell me what I did wrong that I didn’t get the information...

EJ – hammering / atty w/ finish and then your time is up

FR – if you felt response by city wasn't approp for rquest you can appeal.../

EJ – your time is up if you’d like to stay after the mtg…

Myra Campbell – lst mtg questioned about construc on Westside/ also elderly lady fell yesterday on Springwood Ave/ ambulance took her to JSMC, what is procedure when someone is hurt in that area/ also seems to be a wk slow down or stoppage, in Dec city council mtg it was mentioned wk wd stop for awhile/ sometimes when go home to own countries sometimes spend 3 months. But like to know when constru w/ resume?

Also concerned about Japan / some of businesses suffered immensely by infras wk, but didn’t seem to be anyone coming to aid of busineses and churches. Bill Gray is on leave, we know has 2 jobs/ but is he getting paid sep from BB and when he was here was he spending time in BB that should be / If we had a clock for 3 mins, so everyone can see.

TR – there is a case B Gray’s personnel matter, is a case in BB, but not going to talk about it. Construction schedule to talk about it he calls man named Kay (?)/

Mr. Kay -Weather changed on us too cold to resume concrete wk, lst cpl days weather allowed, w/ start sidewks on dwitt in next few days/ storm drain on de witt bet mattison and bands/ after that sanitary sewer/ planned on paving this morning but rains came

TR – so are we on schedule to meet deadline

M. K – oh yes/ contractor is here, whenever able to get some wk done he did/

Lou Parisi – VFW Catholic war veterans to honor last WWI Frank Bugles/ VFW here trained WWI, WWII, and Korean war, plan to hav a museum there…and extend our mem’l park on 5th ave. Asbury Pk fishing club very generous gave post $200.They meet at our post once a month. Want to publicly acknowledge that gift.

Minutes –

Temporary budget -- emergency voucher to cover temporary appropriations of $20,297, 398 to run government until the final budget is struck.
Workers Comp – 2 cases $45,000 and $11,000

Raffles – approved

Social Affair – Ninos Sin Fronteras Fdn – all yes

Taka request – all yes

Synaxis moved to 4/6/11 – all app’d

Appts/Reapp Plng and Zone Bd and Housing Commission need members – More names from Waterfront Redev Committee - Ansel Fusco, Brian Teripka, State of NJ Tom Niff, AP Peter Siegel

Jim Henry won’t be able to serve on WRC, JL has appointed someone else. Unclear who.

Budget -- Hearing - April 20, 2011

TR – state has a lot of new aspects to grant applic process every state that presents app to DCA, for transitional aid/ all must present their budget w/out transitional aid and the budget if adopted in that form wd’ve caused 110% tax increase/ taxpayers pay $12.4million or 31% of budget/ trans aid is almost a match for that. Must introduce budget before state aid is calculated/ this budget wd require 101% increase in taxes/

All yes/

RM – How much is it?

EJ – Hammer

FR – ordinances – establish a cap bank// April 20th

2nd ordinance, authorize revised finan agreement ABB Asbury renewal Griffin Block 119, lots 1 and 2 – this is a pilot agreement to be hears April 6, in lieu of taxes bldg owner w/ pay a PILOT, which will be better for city, TR said.

Award the pedal boat bid – all yes


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Carol Torre said...

Thanks alot, Maureen, for posting minutes and ruining my day. On a more serious note, did it ever occur to anyone that maybe we need new attorneys. We lost our last two cases: the Mission and iStar.
Personally I think we used the wrong argument against iStar--we should have argued that they did not meet the requirements to take the place of Asbury Partners. I don't quite understand why all developers since Vacarro/Carabetta have not had to have the same qualifications as them. The original redevelopment plan from 1984 (I just recently got a copy after all these years) stated that any change in the developer who had that first contract with the city had to have the same qualifications; the money and the construction experience. And, if they did not, the appointment would have to got back out for bidding. Those are not the printed word but my summary. I feel like Werner, keep beating the same drum but nobody will listen.

One more point, the original advisory committee specified in the original redevelopment plan was only 6 (SIX) people and all of them civilians--no council people or gov't representatives, etc.!!!

In case you missed my example of an ideal City website, Maureen, here is one i consider ideal: Of note is the section "Agendas and Minutes" and "Report a Concern". The Board of Selectmen is equivilent to our Council. And lastly, I believe the town has under 100 employees.

Keep giving us the info even if I hate it; we won't kill the messenger.