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Council Appoints Waterfront Redevelopment Board - Mar 2, 2011

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Present: Council members Susan Henderson and James Bruno, Deputy Mayor John Loffredo and Mayor Ed Johnson - Clerk Steve Kay Absent: former mayor council member Kevin Sanders;

Asbury Park Council meeting – March 2, 2011

Reporter very late tonight – After Workshop -- Apologies, but good cause: see the Munis Trading Like Mortgages story
City Seeks Donations for July 4th Parade

City Passes Resolution to Hold Referendum on Lifting Cap if Necessary

Waterfront Advisory Board Chosen

Stricter Pay to Play Ordinance Passed

Johnny Mack's Request to use parking lot for overflow 3/12 & 3/17 rejected after CM told Loffredo old car, a prop in lot, hasn't been removed.
Bruno asks for flatbeds to be used for floats, money for fireworks from AP Chamber of Commerce, city merchants, Madison Marquette, etc.

We caught the tale end of Commerce Director Tom Gilmour's report to the council. There is a new Vodka manufacturer that would like to create a vodka for Asbury Park. Gilmour says they did this for Brooklyn and the borough made money every time the company sold a bottle. See agenda on website for events, which were later approved by the council. Gilmour asked for and was approved expenditure for marketing. Amount ? To come for UEZ funds ? Took place before we arrived.
City Attorney Fred Raffetto - 2 items from executive session will be voted on tonight: a resolution to authorize council to resolve issue re. Tanya Peteete and collective bargaining agreement with city police.

Auth city mgr side bar agreement w/ pba #6 and local #6 for contractually agreements 2010 and 2011

Waterfront litigation attorney James Aaron – re. results of hearing before Lawrence Lawson

Court issued opinion directed dispute between city and Asbury Partners/iStar Financial …proceed thru arbitration process. Council asked him to advise pub time frames w/ be used for arbitration – arb clause in contract from 2002 Waterfront Redevelopment Agreement, state hrgs begin w/in 90 days of demand for arb/(we're within the period now) conclude w/in 120 days of demand for arb/ limits can’t be extended unless... and then only for 30 days/ arb rules arb award mst be entered max 30 days from when hrgs concluded/ timeframe under which city w/ operate/ court issued gag order forbidding conveying any other information.
Pub Comment –

Rita Marano, 8th Ave

Can’t we ask how many lawyers and how much cost?

City Mgr Terry Reidy – 2 attys representing city, 4 rep APartners/ no bill yet to give u what that cost us to date/

RM – so that was from the $250k we borrowed to go to crt right

TR – yes that was $250,000 for( legal rep) [TR later confirmed that the court appearance did NOT deplete the full legal retainer bonded for last month.]

TR -City took very strong assertive approach to …iStar that iStar was in default and there was no cure for their default/ that’s why we went/ had city been successful at this pt we’d hv more control over wtrfrnt right now / city chose to tk right move, more assertive position, we’d hv been further along, but we're further than had we not gone to court

EJ – days of this City laying down and not fighting are over…we’re not going to surrender AP again.

RM – u don’t do it when we don’t hv the money
I say no to referendum/ why do we hv to do that?

TR – this resolution gov body voting on this evening doesn’t req city to go to ref. State of NJ set down very strict timeframes/ and we don’t know, as we never do, exactly what state aid is going to be/ recommended to all needy communities aid w/ be there. Does not mean council is voting tonight/ jst keep us eligible if the policy decision - to raise the 2% State Mandated tax cap -- becomes necessary to meet the operating budget/

EJ – not a procedure coming for months, was brought to all our attention…

RM – why are we spending UEZ funds on mktg why not fire engine?

EJ – that’s what we’re doing

Myra Campbell –

Bd of Ed has a time clock so people can see when time is up for spkg, suggest do that.

Flyers shouldn’t be placed in mailboxes.

Lst mtg asked q diff skill set for indiv employed for diff positions, chgs when becom mgrs. Terry I didn’t hear your full explanations. Maybe u cd repeat when i[m done. Drain on DeWitt hasn’t been covered to keep stones, etc from clogging up. Also curbs…when torn up not same concern to plc planks for residents/ health safety issue/

Overflow issue/

City Engineer and Supt of Public Works Brian Grant – on flood w/ reach out to project mgr/ planks hvn’t done, only when pour fresh contcrete, stabilize area/

TR – specialized mgmt skills – in all depts., espec pol and fire for starters/ trng op avail to pol and fire/ as promoted from rank to rank tests hav to pass/ studying goes on/ skill sets to handle employee issues, mgmt etc. there’s a program, certified pub mgmt program he also went thru/ started by gov jimmy carter/ rigorous program, 6 wks/ Ans to q lot of emphasis in this org on trang, espec for individuals tkg on more obligations/ designed spec for publ wks/ certified pw mgrs program (BG supplied)

MC – BoEd mtg is tonight people can’t attend both/ residents lkg for someone to oversee construction not for them to oversee themselves

Sylvia Brown –

Effects of cut in transportation for seniors/ it’s not jst a ride/ some things sen being deprived of, arobic classes, visits to museums, hayrides, wlkg in malls, camaraderie and laughter, communication regarding comm. issues and programs, feeling o safety during bus rides/ feeling we’re worlthwhile Asbury citizens. Hv been reassured by city mgr/ support us s we can support you// we may jst need a ride to the polling place.

EJ – as CM told you we are in process of securing driver for senior bus.

Jerry Scarano – suggestion – social media is good way of getting name out there/

As a realtor, type name of jersey shore goes right to a realtor’s site/ saying need to make it so when hit jersey shore goes to a state site/ coupons at train station to get people come here/ greeters to direct people to spnd money here/ subway signs on NY trains/ s/be part of the mktg program/ sorry Jim havg trbl getting contrib. for 4th of july/ Coca cola, wells fargo shd be asked, go to another level of suppliers/ we don’t hv any mtgs wh cd meet council members and chat/ I thnk one on one cd get
EJ – cd we count on Exit realty paying for fireworks?

GS – no too poor

EJ – we hv directional signage going up this summer.

Denise Richardson – 30 Ridge Ave

Valentines party for seniors was huge success. Need clarification infrastructure/ notice needs to be clarified as to which side of ridge takg about/

Duane Small – 1304 mattison av

Reading newspaper on internet/ seen adult shot juvenile in back fatally on Asbury ave only getting 12 yrs and only has to do 10 ½ yrs/ A lot young kids out there may think can do something like that and only get 10 yrs / prosecutor shdn’t hv allowed that / continues crime in Asbury Pk/ Young guy had gun in court/ he was beefin’ w/ guy in court/ [he describes the threat man made outside courtroom]I‘m

Tired from work but had to come down here to say pls mayor lets do something about this.

Move to cls public comment

Mins approved

Payroll res feb 16 – 28 $845,048.05

$331,000. ?

Resolutions –

Special events as per Gilmour – all yes

3 applic app’d by polic dept/ Johnny macks extend license for pkg lot for St.
Pat’s event, 3/12 and 3/17/

Discussion – J Loffredo – did they move car from outside premises/

TR – no,

JL – then no

Susan Henderson – no

Bruno – no

EJ – yes

Request voted down.

Appts/ Reappts

names for Redeveloopment Board- SHenderson and J Loffredo, representing council, Asbury Partners, Madison Marquette Retail, Terry Reidy, Don Sammett, redevelopment director and planner for City, James Henry representing the Sustainability committee, Dan DiBennedetto, representing the Planning Board/Tony Perillo, Dan Scianameo, Joanne Mazur resident of AT, Denise Richardson one of two at large members, restauranteurs Marilyn Schlossbach and Russell Lewis. 15 spots, at least 45 applied.
Tanya Peteete -v polic dept/ $1500 to Peteete/ discussion took place in closed session --  all yes

Sidebar agreement w/ local #6 - TR: all res important this specially agreement between SOA and PBA covered 2008,09,10 //we objected to arbitration award, city lost and it was given to our pol officers/ prob not whther deserved but cdn’t afford it/ if std wd’ve been layoffs in pol dept/ agreement now tks 3 yr agreement and extends it 2 add’l yrs/ pol dep accept for those 2 zero sal increase/ all OT wk’d in 2011, in compensary time/ $5k+ savings to city/ saves city $900k+ in 2011/ demonstrates willingness of our pol off to come to table and recog hard times we’re in/

All yes –

Res re DS –

UEZ - $10k mktg program/ yr 9 $15k - all yes

Re. Mayor – sean kean / urge DOD to make prep facility at Ft. Mon/ all yest

Publication of mail in ballots for a potential referendum
Ord establ new regs for contrib. to muni cand/ public contract /Explanation:
FR – req’t of MOU/ city had to adopt pay to play ord as stringent as Jcity’s / ours adopted in 04/ but form been updated by Citizens… version city has adopted more stringent/ as condition of funding we rec’d we’re considering adopting this/
no public comment -
all yes


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