Friday, April 15, 2011

History Repeats Or does it? Welcome to the Time Machine...

With City Debt Weighing Heavy on Asbury Park Taxpayers and the State's Support Squeezing Shut Like a Giant Fist, Eyes will inevitably turn toward the man who directs the city's affairs, the City Manager, Terence J. Reidy, who succeeded Terry Weldon, after he had to resign in order to plead guilty to committing extortion in his dual capacity as Mayor of Ocean Twp. Such a long time ago it seems. Weldon, they say, has served his nearly 5-year prison term already and is in a halfway house.
But people still find fault with Reidy, Weldon's successor, for not getting back to them, glad handing but not making the tough decisions as they see them.
We have the unique benefit of some of the citizen sentiments of Reidy's last employer, Montclair, to compare with Asbury Park's grievances -- too much spending, snow not removed fast enough... Infact, we had that benefit back before Reidy was appointed, thanks to Asbury, and its archive now. He certainly hasn't pulled any surprises.
One wonders if the critics are right or if no one can ever please everyone. Then again some of the issues raised by the letter writers, below, will no doubt resonate with residents of AP -- both pro and con. Now you can read for yourself with the benefit of hindsight. And you decide:
From the Montclair Times:
Reidy or not? Montclair weighs in

ASBURY PARK, March 20, 2003 -- To some in Montclair, Terence J. Reidy nearly walks on water.

Others can't wait for him to leave the Essex County community and head south for Asbury Park, where he was hired last night as the new city manager.

Reidy made many friends and more than a few enemies since his tenure as Montclair's township manager began in 1994.
Following are excerpts from letters to the editor of the Montclair Times, the state's largest weekly newspaper serving one community. The newspaper has covered Reidy's time in office closely. Late last year in an editorial, the paper called for his replacement after some Township Council members began to openly question Reidy's record.

Public attacks seem petty
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