Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Memory of Those Lost on 9/11/01

September 11, 2011 - Ten Years Gone

We remember Scott, David and Dinah, my three colleagues, among the other 2,980 innocents killed 10 years ago today. All three were attending a conference atop the North Tower that morning, something we had done many, many times before.

Scott Saber, a funny and equally brilliant participant and observer of the intricacies of Wall Street trading. He loved leaking a good story to his friends in the press (you could hear his excitement bursting through the phone line), as long as they agreed to not only get all the facts, but understand them, as well as their implications, and to tell all the elements of the story -- no sound bites, the whole story, as only he who understood the industry inside and out could tell it.

David Rivers, a tall, elegant, kind, thoughtful and hugely talented writer, who infused his reports on the financial world with the same excellence of craft, integrity and dignity that he gave his own work, his beloved movie scripts. As the tireless Editor of Waters Magazine, David wrote most of the book along with his other duties for the news service. I had the honor to work with David in New York, where he lived with his beautiful wife, Ricky (the Rickster) who edited a fashion magazine, and the toddler son whose picture he flashed at the slightest provocation with a broad smile.

Dinah Webster, bubbly, blond, beautiful, highly capable. Dinah ran the conference business at Risk magazine in London when I knew her. At first you'd say how could someone so cute and adorable also be so successful in such a sharply competitive field. (Yes, sexist, I know.)  Despite the hair-raising pace of that industry, I never saw Dinah look down, or cross or ever grumble. You would have asked, "Can she really be that nice -- for real?"  Yes, she really was.
Our love and comfort to their families.

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