Sunday, May 17, 2020

It is Sunday May 17, 2020 - AsburyRadio - The Podcast

Getting the whole story is the trademark of AsburyRadio. In the age of Covid-19 that task takes extra time, be it for overworked government officials to respond to Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests or simple questions.

Such is the case this week when we had planned, after a few too many postponements, to bring you a truly comprehensive report on Who's Getting the Jobs on Asbury Park's West Side? We've conducted interviews, but still need more. We're waiting for several responses and statistics. Rest assured AsburyRadio will bring you the full story as soon as we're satisfied that it's the best we can do.

Meanwhile, if you haven't already, please see the posts and other podcasts (available 24/7) on this page. Podcasts such as our Affordable Housing Zoning story, which covered the city's 8-ordinance plan for granting incentives to developers to build higher-story apartment buildings, to create greater population density in specific neighborhoods in the city. And, more recently, AsburyRadio revealed the answer to the much asked question about the role redevelopment tax abatements and payments-in-lieu-of tax (PILOT) programs, most of which exclude new owners from paying school tax, play. Do they increase the school tax burden piled on Asbury Park's individual homeowners? Quick Ans: Yes, the remaining tax payers make up the difference needed to keep the schools open.

Please wear masks, keep that 6' distance and hopefully we'll see you next Sunday at 4.
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Hi Maureen, do you remember the time that guy guest hosted for you and he called Bob Crane Bob Tillie?