Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Focus on Oceanfront Promises

Fortunately, due to the hard work and super committed community spirit at the time Asbury Partners took over the oceanfront, the elected officials at that time were hard pressed not to insist - contractually - that the historic buildings would be restored and maintained in return for the fire sale price the Partners paid for the entire waterfront. The penalty for the partners was to lose their redevelopment rights. 

Those rights were on the ropes when the City took the Partners to court to do just that. That was when the anxious partners hired Madison Marquette to pacify the city. 

The City sacrificed a lot in residents’ treasure for that commitment. Legal fees alone were astronomical. 
We need to all focus on Joanne Vos and her firm Maraziti Falcon, LLP, Cedar Knolls, who the City has hired to analyze its legal position. And, we can chart Tommy DeSeno’s progress - volunteer work - in gathering all the documents that relate to the ‘02 agreement into some cohesive form. Tommy is an attorney and lifelong son of AP. No need to split our time to raise funds.

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