Friday, January 23, 2009

City Manager Reidy Responds

City Manager Terry Reidy wrote back to say that the reason he didn't call code official Bill Gray to appear as scheduled on the January 21 agenda was because councilmember Ed Johnson had not arrived at the meeting.(Johnson did not attend the meeting.)
Councilmember Johnson had requested that Bill Gray attend the work session, a public meeting after the executive or private meeting of the council and its attorneys prior to the public session, during which the audience can observe but generally not comment, to explain how decisions are made regarding when and how summonses are written.
In the mp3 posted below, you can hear resident and former city historian Werner Baumgartner asking Reidy what summonses if any had been written on a list of sub-code properties throughout the city. Gray wrote 19 summonses against Baumgartner this fall and winter each carrying a fine of $1250 and 9 months in jail. Gray has said that some of the summonses are for violations relating to previous summonses, where the situations have not been corrected. Some are for failure to mow the lawn or remove leaves.
Asbury Radio plans to reach out to Johnson to see why he did not attend.

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