Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sue Henderson Joins Asbury Park City Council

Sue Henderson is sworn in by council as friend Rich Gore, who is Council member John Loffredo's partner, holds bible. Henderson said she assumed Council member Jim Keady's unexpired term because if you have complaints you have to be willing to work to make things better.
Council Present: John Loffredo, Mayor Kevin Sanders, Deputy Mayor James Bruno
Recording One - Interfaith Neighbors Paul McEvily on the Neighborhood Stabilization Program
Recording Two - City Commerce director, Tom Gilmour, on UEZ funding for Asbury Works, etc.
Recording Three - Construction code official's hours cut back. City attorney, Tom Hastie's wife is the business manager for Robbinsville, the municipality that is sharing the contruction official with Asbury Park. [Robbinsville recently lost a Sunshine Law violation complaint filed by John Paff. In winning the case, Paff cited an appeals panel's opinion in Nevin v Asbury Park.]
Recording Four - Tax Abatement for Design Center at Cookman and Bangs
Recording Five - Parking dispute re. 711 Bangs building
Recording Six - Comments from the Public - Werner Baumgartner, who performed the duties of city historian until the waterfront redevelopment began, asks city to explain what actions have been taken against the owners of a list of sub-code buildings in city. Mgr Terry Reidy doesn't answer the question, instead relates an earlier exchange he had with Baumgartner.


Anonymous said...

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Maureen Nevin said...

Thanks very much for writing. I'm trying.
There were some problems with audio links on this latest report when posted early this morning. But they have been repaired and all recordings are playing now.

g said...

Maureen, Is there a recording of Loffredo announcing Henderson as the choice?


Maureen Nevin said...

Hi G!
I did record the motion and vote for Sue onto the board, but John Loffredo and the other council members weren't talking into their mics. So the record volume was way low. In the past I spent hours boosting the sound with Mp3Gain software, which if you're not careful eats the file. I did boost one file last night. But I'm trying to limit myself to about three or four hours production time, in addition to the hours spent at the meetings. I do run back and forth with the mic, especially during the public portions when the city manager or council may be answering the audience. Other than that if public officials want to be heard they'll have to move the mics up to their mouths.
Thanks for checking out the report. Did the sound files work ok for you?

Anonymous said...

Hello - does this thing work ?

As to the 'Eating Out' question :-)

Not as much as I'd like :-)