Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Council Meeting March 18, 2009 Report

Sorry for the delay... (I've been a little busy lately.)

Present: Councilmembers Sue Henderson, John Loffredo, Ed Johnson and Mayor Kevin Sanders

Absent: Deputy Mayor James Bruno

Proclamation making March 22 - 28, Boys & Girls Club Week

  • Johnson on need to encumber UEZ funds before State pulls them back. Talks with NJ Transit proceed. Items: Later trains for tourists visiting here and extended bus service and day passes for commuters. Marketing Day Passes, etc. Trolley service update. Also Commerce Dir. Tom Gilmour on $50,000 allocated for signs -- "You are here" -- to be fast tracked for summer tourists. Listen now.

  • Public Comment: Michael Brim, Happy 47th Birthday to Johnson, Rita Marano, Tax Dept staff given week off for suspected mold in ceiling, wisdom of finance dept. accepting tax payments; Werner Baumgartner sees parallels -- in City having put all its "eggs" in condo development and investors who placed all assets in Madoff funds; predatory lending and predatory code enforcement. WB says zoning should be changed to support sustainable redevelopment. Listen to all here.
  • Boardwalk vendor agreement: City Attorney, Fred Raffetto, explains: Listen now.
  • Council Votes: Temp Budget of $12, 540, 512. Hear all now.

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