Sunday, March 29, 2009

To Radio Somewhere Fans

As you read today in the Asbury Park Press, this is my last column for the paper.
However, I plan to continue a radio column on this site and will mail my column to those who don't access the internet. Please write me, Maureen Nevin, at 3 Deal Lake Ct., Asbury Park, 07712.
The Press edited out of my column an important fact you may want to know: The Press pulled my column.
Before I embarked on my run for City Council in Asbury Park, I asked my editor if there would be a problem and she assured me there wouldn't be since it is "your personal life". In the meantime, my ticket made it clear that all quotes in the Press by our candidates would have to be approved prior to publication. We had to make this request because the Press has covered Asbury Park City government with the same reporter for the past 22 years, and, as is often the case in this rare situation, the news is often slanted in favor of the sitting council. (Also, a great deal of news never gets reported, which is why I did my radio show for six years and why I continued, after the FCC closed down the station, by posting my mp3s of the meetings on this site.)
Then early this week I received a phone call from the same editor congratulating me on my nomination for council and then informing me that I'd have to give up the column due to publisher Gannett's policy.
I asked for a formal letter and was told there would be none. I asked for a copy of the policy that states a Gannett columnist writing about the radio industry can't also run for local office and was turned down there, too. I will pursue this with the corporate office as I find it draconian for a citizen to have to abandon a major source of income in order to pursue her civic duty.
I'm very interested to know your reactions. or post your comments below.
PS - Something else left out: Judi Franco plans to charge 9c a show and the address to access her pod is
Hope to see you here for the column next week. Any ideas for a title? Radio Everywhere?
All best,

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