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City's Noise Ordinance Not in Compliance w/ State

This report of tonight's Asbury Park Council meeting is taken from my notes as I tried to record the proceedings on my laptop. It represents no analysis on my part, and no fact checking with the clerk or other sources. But it is pretty immediate. Please ask questions and I will do my best to flesh out the answers.
June 3, 2009 City Chambers, City of Asbury Park

Present: City Manager Terry Reidy, Council members Sue Henderson, John Loffredo, Mayor Kevin Sanders, Ed Johnson. Absent: Deputy Mayor James Bruno.

Discussion re. cost req’d to put utilities underground in Springwood Avenue area.
We’re going to incur costs in building the senior center - $2.5 million –
JL – important to us to hv the wires above ground/ set back requirements, too.
BG-(City Engineer Brian Grant) yes. Mem’l drive to ridge av is basically focusing on/
Jl – very disappointing…long run safer, less wear and tear
TR – agree w/ you
BG – central jersey power and light, that’s municipality’s extra cost…
They’d have to run wires underground. Each Util must install.
TR – they also charge the city for redesign.

Fire house – Chf Keddy and brian grant/
TR - hv existing money in firehouse bond to be eligible for grant funding for firehouse

Urban ctr design progress report – visit to state planning div.

Don Sammet – 2004 AP was designated an urban center by the State Planning Div. plan endorsement process/ Reviewed our land use plans…public hearings, written reports, dot, dep, office of smart growth/ agricultural office/ nearly a 1 yr process
Determined on right track / goals consistent
Purpose – increased tech assist from state agencies, regulatory benefits/ access to funding sources
Ex. Tech assist Main st. steering committee – improvements to the roadway/
Reg – waterfront area, trees wdn’t hv been nec on medians as urban ctr/
Access to funding…rec’d $190k place grant for transportation ctr
Sammet: “Process well worth it…” excellent progress we’re mkg, creative work, diligence and perseverance”/// “state really willing to partner w/ AP/ having them know what we’re doing helps us all the more.”
2 redev plans, brownfld dev, sustainability / land improvement ordinances…re-estab bed and breakfast establishments
Planning and implementation agreement – spells out what we have to do:
Next yr or so, zoning board amendments, changes to the zoning map, completion of affordable housing plan, to meet its obligation, COAH, 5 yr cap improvement program by plan board, local historic commissions, are they right for Asbury park?
State planning comm. SPC feels “We’re doing wonderfully.” – Sammet
We were first muni to be designated an urban center since 92 – all done inhse, says TR

Chief keddy – grant to refurbish our tower ladder…$750k grant tower ladder funding Springsteen last yr/ supplement what have, to substitute for one we have when that’s in repair. New one wd be million dollars/ this is refurbished/ current ladder truckk from Urban Enterprise Funds. If we win (our bid for the grant) this city wd be req’d to come up with 5% or $37,500 – wd get 20-25 yrs out of the refurbished ladder.

Ed J - Parking plan review this afternoon – rather than stop w/ drop dead rate rather be prepared. Enforcement w/ begin Jun 15th/ last Sat. EJ went st by st to review parking and were extremely satisfied. Overall feel going to be prepared. Staff done great job addressing concerns expressed last yr. reasonable problems versus…
TR - w/hv parking ambassadors to ease problems
Special event applications – Gilmour
Traveling art show at transportation center Sat. mornings
Block parties 2 – jun 27, one Langford and one emory st. between 7th and 8th
Love Asbury Park – jun 28 july 26 aug 30th…activies on bdwlk summer fest/ arts and crafts/ kid fest – rides on open lot close to Stone Pony/ rides on bdwlk area //all from Asbury av to sunset on bdwlk
3 weddings salt water beach café
Historical soc art show 9/25
Jazz festival – hard to raise sponsorship money, so will have just 1 day on Saturday, incorporate Sunday’s gospel with jazz on Sunday. Longer hrs start at noon go to 8.

Matters for city council –
EJ: death of one young person and shooting of another. He wks w/ young people / “shakes your soul seeing a life cut so short for no good reason… not going to surrender to violence or stupidity.” Police “done a very good job.” “We will find you and bring to justice.” Want community to re-double, or triple our efforts come together as a community, gov’t , priv biz, relig community, school bd and city council to …know that there is much more to life at 16 is nothing what awaits them is everything. We have to stand up for our young people.”

City Atty: Fred Rafetto: City’s Noise ordinance dates to 78 is not in compliance w/ state ord. chf kinmon provided model ordinance / wnt to prepare a new ord and bring bk for your consideration

City council w/ not be taking action on any matters from exec session tonight. Email for info on executive session items.

James Famularo – jun 7 organ school wrestling ?, in 3 days/

Public Comment portion –
Tom Pivinski asked if there was going to be public comment, then asked it be re-opened / fundraiser for rain garden sat. 6/20/09 at watermark lounge, sponsor 360 degree vodka / bring checkbooks/ hoping to plant garden in july, need to raise $5,000, about halfway there / 12 – 2 pm – watermark providing space.
Jerry scarano – city used to have house or garden of the month / Barbara van waggoner wd give sign / each district in town shd hve entry into the hse or garden of the month.
I wnton a house/garden tour in rumson/ little silver – one of the lake commissions sh run garden tour/ we cd mk money on city being green/ do maybe 2 wks aft cleanup/
Homeowners assoc is reinitiating the garden club, says JL
Michael limpka – thnk yo for addressing tragic events on Comstock earlier in wk.
Notice synaxis dble tables deep, mks difficult to walk, bumping heads on umbrellas & tables…people lined up to get cars fro valet pkg.

Payouts: $914,642.98 and $292,442.16 plus $60 insur for recreation/ sports camp $640.

Applications –
stella marina, expand license, due to noticing ask extended to next council mtg.
pass all spec events from Gilmour
june 7th place on bdlwk
liquor license renewal brick wall, 4 objections filed w/ city, req’d by statute council hold hearing / hrg for next council mtg.
renewals – moonstruck, The Saint, georgies, synasix, stella marina, convention hall, watermark, trop liquors, wonder bar, the Harrison, mac on main, stone pony, mc loones and main liquors.

Exec session 4PM, 6 PM wkshop july 15th, aug 15th/
Grant of $749,000 for county, city of AP eligible for $235,213. of grant fund
Resolution 3rd qtr tax bill –
Dedication by Rider: rain garden –
Payment to Steven Macher, surveying for new firehse lot/
Shore pt architecture to design firehse, phase one $20k, ph 2, 7% of est construction costs of project/
Authorize firechief to apply for grant of $750k, with city’s share being $37,500. All yes.
June 17th amend ord for salaries of fire dept personnel.
513 cookman av tax abatement ordinance
Amend central biz dist plan – ordinance adopted
$15.8 mn bond ordinance sewer imprvoment springwd and cookman/ ADOPTED
Question from Audience:
Frankie solis – roadwk too? Sprinfwood ave, all, and feeder rds that come into springwd, a block in, to be sure the spine of sewer and storm is handled all way up springwood…
JL – did we vote on the bicycle? Ans: Yes we did.

If no bids rec’d city can go ahead and negotiate/

Final vote count in council race.

Salary ordinance affects fire dept and hiring of new firefighters. Pres of fire union here…union city got 5 yr grant to hire new officers/ even w/ concerned ability to bring on add’l firefighters / came back w/ proposal to save city $1.7 million sacrifice to bring on add’l firefighters to mk city safer.
Meeting adjourned.

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