Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't Vote in Today's Primary Until You Hear...

what Corzine's opponent for the Democratic nomination for governor, Carl A. Bergmanson of Glen Ridge, has to say.
Contrary to what is being said on network TV, Corzine is opposed for Governor -- by three different men. I managed to contact one of these men, Bergmanson, this morning and was amazed by what I heard.
Please listen to Bergmanson tell why you haven't heard of him -
And, why he wants to be Governor of New Jersey.
Then, please call everyone you can and ask them to get out and vote in this primary! We do have a choice!!
Also, Bergmanson intends to follow through with the FCC violations these news services have committed. Please email him any that you notice: Carl@Bergmanson.com, visit www.BergmansonforGovernor.com for more information.

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