Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update: City Loses High School Principal Over Misinterpretation

Update and Correction: Tyler Blackmore has been hired to be principal of Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School, not the high school. We regret the error. Calls to Asbury Park High School have not been returned.

Update: Did principal leave over misreading of grant?
According to a source close to the APHS administration, the loss of Blackmore, a committed, well-liked school official, was due to a misinterpretation of the terms of a grant for which the school applied. Administrators thought that the high school's principal would have to be removed as a prerequisite of the grant, the source said. Further, it was believed, they said, that the principal could be rehired. But Blackmore, considering the tenuous nature of his employment situation, sought other employment.
AsburyRadio would welcome input directly from the parties involved in this story.

Earlier report: Tyler Blackmore is leaving his post as Asbury Park High School principal in June. He has accepted the post of principal at Matawan-Aberdeen High School. Details tk...

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