Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Click to Read Boardwalk Plan

The City of Asbury Park's first written agreement with retail developer Madison Marquette and iStar Financial, which replaced the other members of Asbury Partners in the entity known as Madison Asbury Retail, LLC, is contained in three large files posted below. See the Reporters' Notebook on the May 5 council meeting for highlights of the agreement.
Rumors will no doubt fly about the details of the plan. Hopefully having the actual agreement will eliminate a lot of time-wasting false impressions.
One rumor that's making the rounds is that the Sunset Avenue Pavilion, which is approved for demolition, will become a parking lot. Check the files yourself to see if there is a reference on future use for this site. Regardless, the prospect of pouring a parking lot east of Ocean Avenue seems a clear point for public comment pro or con.
Note: this contract becomes binding on May 19th, when the council votes. The clock is ticking... We'll do our best by taking comments at AsburyRadio@aol.com and posting them here to expedite a discussion. (Our civil behavior policy will be observed.) The City is considering a public comment opportunity, besides the usual 3 min. limit at public meetings, so that your opinions can be seriously considered by the council. Email City Manager at Terence.Reidy@CityofAsburyPark.com Thanks goes to City Clerk Steve Kay for providing the following files.
Boardwalk Agreement Part#1
Boardwalk Agreement Part#2
Boardwalk Agreement Part#3

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