Wednesday, August 11, 2010

City's Employee Sues City for $1 Million

Stone Mandia LLC of Neptune, attorneys for Bill Gray, Asbury Park's head of Code Enforcement, filed a notice of claim against the City on July 12th, 2010 for an incident on May 7 of this year. Gray, who was put on paid suspension (see earlier story), is looking for damages of $1Million.

The claim looks like one used for compensation cases, referring to "Date of Accident or Occurrence and Place".  Listed as having caused the damage or injuries are the City, and Terence J. Reidy, City Manager, and James Famularo, Asst. City Manager.

The claim names five Asbury Park employees as witnesses: Anthony Nuccio, Dir. of Social Services & Public Relations, Brian Grant, City Engineer, Hazel Samuels, now retired Dir. of Community Development, Robert Bianchini, AFSCME Local 2255 President, and Garrett Giberson, Fire Inspector.
"Under Description of Injury", the claim cites "emotional trauma, mental and psychiatric stress, anxiety and depression together with aggravation and exacerbation of pre-existing stress..." and similar complaints arising from the workplace and suffered by Claimant, William Gray.

The papers provided in response to our FOIA request do not include a description of the May 7 event. But the description of injury includes references to "negligent and wrongful suspension and/or termination of claimant...hostile work environment...defamation, libel, slander...discrimination in the workplace...", etc.
Terry Reidy is on vacation until August 30th.

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