Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bikinis -- Redevelopment Meets Beach Blanket Babylon

The Bikinis is irresistible fun for anyone who loves the best songs of "our era", those fellas and gals of a certain age. I mean us!!.
And that's the dilemma for a show called "Bikinis", because most gals my age don't want one of those figure-destroyers within a mile of our carefully cultivated curves, how to get the message across that the show really is about us!! Yeah, those of us who are now threatening to break the bank holding up Social Security and Medicare.

Lest you think the four gals -- played by Cheryl Freeman, Annie Golden, Kathy Morath, and Karyn Quakenbush -- of this Girl Band are ready for retirement though, you better check them out on stage. Their bravura performances of Shop Around, Where the Boys Are, and a dozen other hits ring as true as the original works, thanks also to "The Band" behind them: Michael Thomas Murray, who also excelled at conducting the score for ReVision's last production, The Who's "Tommy", Salvatore "Sally" Boyd, Doug Mikula, Zach Westfall, and Jakubu Griffen.

The interplay between these beautiful, but real, babes gathers credibility as the play takes us through the evolution of their lives and ours via the music of our days.

Writers Ray Roderick and James Hindman have woven into the backstory the true life struggle between trailer park inhabitants of an oceanside Florida town and land developers who want to buy them out for more money than these mobile home dwellers will ever see again. Although dealt with lightly, the resolution offers as much insight into the stuff of this generation as its music. With Roderick's direction, this beach party has brought another hit to ReVision Theatre's Summer Season at the Carousel House in Asbury Park.  The run has already been extended to August 28.

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