Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saving Asbury: Heating Plant As Contemporary Art Museum

Interesting exchange between a lady from Morganville, NJ, Robin Parness Lipson, and Gary Mottola, who heads up Madison Marquette, the owner or co-owner, with Asbury Partners (now iStar Financial), of everything on Asbury Park's waterfront. Lipson has her eye on the heating plant, that Raiders of the Lost Ark-looking structure at the border with Ocean Grove, for a contemporary art museum with international status.
According to the NYTimes, Mrs. Lipson ran aground with Mottola when she compared AP to a successful project in North Adams, Mass., where there was blight and high crime. Mottola bristled. Too bad Mrs. Lipson didn't consider first the plethora of parking lots in AP. As the wife of a parking magnate, she may have found common ground there.
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August 18, 2010

A Dream of a Contemporary Art Museum on the Jersey Shore


Robin Parness Lipson is trying to found a new museum devoted to emerging artists.
Woman Wants to Make Contemporary Art Museum in Heating Plant

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