Monday, March 30, 2020

Looking for the Link to AsburyRadio's very first Podcast?

Good - here it is! 

We're still figuring out how to break-in the Zoom Monster, so treat this first effort (from
March 29, 2020) like you would your child's first steps, please.
The deep dive on the master plan for Asbury Park's Affordable Housing rollout is
anything but child's play and well worth your time. Don't choke when you hear the Miami-style do-over that may await Deal Lake Drive. Many thanks to our guests Felicia Simmons and Tracy Rogers and all the volunteers of the Asbury Park Affordable Housing Coalition, who worked for years to try to defend residents' interests against some very ham-fisted developers & friends. Tune in this week, on April 5, Palm Sunday, at 4 pm or so on Facebook/AsburyRadio when our live Podcast returns to the cyber air. Live music and surprise guests - Hint his initials are JM and the buck stops with him!  Meantime, please listen and feel free to comment, suggest, etc. below or on Facebook/AsburyRadio or It's virus-safe behavior!

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